Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Novo Museo Tropical no budget presentation at Just Madrid.
Somewhere better than this Place (after Felix Gonzalez Torres)
No Sea Marginal, No Sea Heroe (after Alexandre da Cunha (after Helio Oiticica))

invitation to get out of the fair and instead visit the green house next door

novo museo tropical office

novo museo tropical curators, Adriano Pedrosa and Maria Ines Rodriguez

novo museo amigas, Katy Hernandez, Agustina Ferreyra and Carolina Caycedo

Novo Museo Tropical temporary space without art at the Invernadero in Madrid

Novo Museo Tropical (Museu without walls)

when museums and cultural centres outside of the hegemonic centres remain empty because they don't have budget for a programme or curators...
when artists living in the semiperipheries produce specifically for the international market, art fairs and biennales, while ignoring their local public and contexts, or while abusing of their local public and context...
when art produced elsewhere is bought legally (without looting as in the past) by international patrons and museums...
shouldn't we rethink the kind of 'art' we do?
shouldn't we rethink the kind of exhibitions we produce?
shouldn't we rethink the kind of museums we aspire to have?

Novo Museo Tropical
a museum without walls...
an invitation to rethink the museum outside the centre...
do we need new museums and mausoleums?
can we think a different kind of collection?
do we need art bought in galleries, biennales and art fairs?
how to protect the collection from the climate without resorting to air condition?
can we think a museum that exists beyond the conventions of the XX century contemporary art world and its structures?

how can cultural production and memory survive humanity after humans disappear from the earth?

novo museo tropical...
soon somewhere near you...

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