Monday 4 February 2008


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-- Work by 21 artists Mexicans and foreigners.
-- Spare inspired by the architecture of the campus and the collection facilities.
-- Opening: Tuesday, January 29, 19:00.

Since Wednesday, January 30 until Sunday, March 16, Diego Rivera Anahuacalli Museum will host Black Elephant, a group exhibition of contemporary art that incorporates elements of the museum, the figure of Diego Rivera and the most representative pieces forming part of his collection, to assemble a current perspective of this area.

21 artists, both Mexican and foreign, under the curatorship of Ximena Apisdorf, taken as a starting point the Museo Anahuacalli Diego Rivera to create unique pieces that can be appreciated in the same environment that inspired it.

The artists who will participate in the exhibition are: Alexander Apostol (Venezuela, 1969) / Rafael Ortega (Mexico, 1965); Alexandre Arrechea (Cuba, 1970), Kader Attia (1970), Margrét H. Blöndal (Iceland, 1970); Pash Buzari (Germany, 1966); Alvaro Castillo Olmedo (Mexico, 1969), Dario Escobar (Guatemala, 1971); Fernando Garcia Correa (DF, Mexico, 1958); Hisae Ikenaga (Mexico, 1977) / Maria Garcia I. (Spain, 1978); Jens Kull (Switzerland, 1975); Huub van der Loo (Netherlands, 1962); Miguel Monroy (Mexico, 1975); Huong Ngo (Hong Kong, 1973); Edgar Orlaineta (Mexico, 1972); Diego Perez (Mexico, 1975); Cecilia Ramirez (Mexico, 1979); Laureana Toledo (Mexico, 1970); Saul Villa (Mexico, 1958) and Tilman Wendland (Germany, 1969).

Black Elephant will be a new experience for the Museo Anahuacalli Diego, which will continue with the original intention of Rivera to make this space a "City of the Arts" this collective contemporary art allows you to add one more element to the variety of proposals on the campus usual witness, giving accommodate a younger audience, accustomed to seek proposals by the city of contemporary art.

Supported by Diego Rivera Anahuacalli Museum, the National School of Painting and Engraving "La Esmeralda", The Center for Islandic Art, the Royal Embassy of the Netherlands in Mexico, the Embassy of France in Mexico, the Embassy of the United States of America in Mexico, the Mexican Art Gallery, Casa Cuervo, Di Group. Design, Multisistemas Security and Volvox; Black Elephant meet these 19 very specific visions for rethinking the traditional aesthetic of the campus Anahuacalli.

To inaugurate the exhibition and preside over the ceremony, we will have the presence of Hilda Trujillo Soto, Deputy Director of Museums-Anahuacalli Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo; Apisdorf Ximena Soto, Curator and Marc Sagaert, Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of France in Mexico.

Black Elephant will open on Tuesday, January 29 at 19:00. At the Museo Anahuacalli Diego Rivera.

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