Monday, 24 March 2008


Simon Popper's Fungi Paintings, March 2008!

David Waddington and Princess Julia raffling Simon Popper's drawings!

Husam el Odeh observing his male wall drawings, February 2008!

Hate Magazine, November 2007!

Piss at Posh, at Hate Magazine's cubicle!

Legendary diva Lavinia Co-op at Hate Magazine's opening!

Wolfgang Tillman's Richard Branson, October 2007!

Maureen Paley cutting Wolfgang's ribbon!

Richard Branson and George and Dragon's Richard Battye!

Elkin Calderon's, refurbished white cubicle, September 2007!

Liliana Sanguino offering George and Dragon's traditional canapes!

SUPERM (Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny), proposal for new faucets, July 2007!

Susanne from No Bra performing at SUPERM's opening!

curator Elias Redstone djing and gogoing at SUPERM's opening!

The P.I.X. fanzine with Tim Noble and Sue Webster's P.I.X toilet paper, May 2007!

Giles Round, proposal for new door, April 2007!

Seb Patane djing at Giles Round's opening (notice Giles Round wallpaper in background)!

The White Cubicle Toilet Gallery measures 1.40 by 1.40 metres, is located within the Ladies Toilet of the George and Dragon, and works with no budget, staff or boundaries. White Cubicle has become one of the East End’s most exciting and ambitious exhibition spaces, presenting a discerning programme of international manifestations as an antidote to London’s sometimes extremely commodified art scene. Past exhibitions have included the work of Deborah Castillo, Gregorio Magnani, Butt Magazine, Federico Herrero, Terence Koh, i-Cabin, Steven Gontarski, Pixis Fanzine/PrincessJulia and Hanah, General Idea and avaf, Basso Magazin, Carl Hopgood, Giles Round, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Superm (Brian Kenny and Slava Mogutin), Elkin Calderon, Wolfgang Tillmans, Calvin Holbrook/Hate Magazine, Husam el Odeh, Simon Popper...

Next White Cubicle exhibitions:
April 2nd: Cassia Tabatini and Fabio Gurjao,
May 11: DIK fagazine
June: Toilet exchange with Vilma Gold gallery/ Radio Egypt
July: Jean-Michel Wicher

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