Monday, 28 April 2008


view of the stand, Federico Herrero painting to the left, Miltos Manetas to the right

view of half of the stand, tropical side: Carla Zaccagnini's 'Museo das Vistas', Marjetica Potrc's 'Pattern Protects' and Federico Herrero's painting

view of half of the stand, conceptual-pop side: Miltos Manetas, Stefan Bruggemann, Matthieu Laurette, Los Super Elegantes

Carla Zaccagnini's 'Museo das Vistas' and Marjetica Potrc's 'Pattern Protects'

Stefan Bruggemann's 'Kate Moss' digital print on canvas, Matthieu Laurette's 'Andy Warhol's Death Certificate', Los Super Elegantes' 'Nothing Really Matters', Stefan Bruggemann's 'Today Series'

Outside Wall: Superm's 'Police Targets' and Carla Verea's 'Guatemalan Bodyguards'

Carla Verea's 'Guatemalan Bodyguards'

Corona Tables

Miltos Manetas Internet Poster in spanish

Los Super Elegante's 'Fla y Flu: Where is my Whiskey' playing on monitor

Adriana Lara's banana skin installation

collector Sagrario Perez Soto next to Carla Zaccagnini's 'Museo das Vistas'

Adriano Pedrosa undercover

popstar Dani Umpi, while his video plays on monitor


Guadalupe Leon de la Barra

Adriana Lara

Cay Sophie Rabinowitz and Isabela Mora

Carissa Rodriguez from Reena Spauling

Enrique Giner, while his video 'A Maybach Story' plays on monitor

Galia Katz from Proyectos Monclova

mexican top model Luisa Saenz

Paulina Rubio (she's like Mexico's Kyle Minogue) after visiting the Blow de la Barra stand

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