Thursday, 2 July 2009


Andre Cadere's 'Barre des Bois Ronds' 1970-1978
Anonymous, bottle of sparking water in the exhibition space, 2009

Atsuko Tanaka's, pink cloth and fan, 1955

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster 'De Novo' film

Gordon Matta Clark's 'Tree Dance' film, 1973-1974

Wolfgang Tillmans' photographs and tables

Rirkrit Tiravanija's Bookshop

Tobias Rehberger's cafeteria

Aleksandra Mir's Venice postcards

Bruce Nauman's USA pavillion

Elmgreen and Dragset's death homosexual collector's house at the Nordic pavilion

Henrik Olesen's Cubes (after Sol LeWitt) at Elmgreen and Dragset's gay pavillion

Liam Gillick kitchen cupboards and cat at the German pavilion

Haegue Yang's venetian blinds in the Korean pavilion

Teresa Margolle's blood from the assesinated ones at the Mexican Pavillion

Lygia Pape's golden threads

Yonna Friedman and Marjetica Potrc

Yona Friedman's ceiling

Marjetica Potrc's drawings

Cildo Meireles coloured labyrinth

Ulla von Brandenburg coloured labyrinth

Tirdad Zolghadr's United Arab Emirates pavilion

Hassan Sharif's 1979 walk at the United Arab Emirates pavilion

Ghery's Guggenheim and Nouvel's Louvre at the United Arab Emirates pavilion

Catherine David's 'Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage Platform'

Federico Herrero's remain of mural done in the 2001 biennale with which he won the golden lion for best young artist, the space now converted into a cafeteria!

Lara Favaretto's swamp

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  1. I thought Leveque's France installation was the purgative antidote to this most banal, "okay-America-art-is-trivial-you-win!" Biennales in living memory!

    I.e., even the potential is locked behind bars!