Sunday, 25 July 2010


STH selected film programme

Mr. Billy Miller and Jan Wandrag

Tariq Alvi and Esther Planas

David Waddington reading out of the pages of STH

artist Sina Evil doing the ribbon cutting

Sina Evil inside the cubicle

boys outside the George!

Saturday 24 of July 2010, 8PM to Midnight
White Cubicle Toilet Gallery at The George and Dragon Public House
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White Cubicle is beyond honoured to present an exhibition by STH (STRAIGHT TO HELL) The Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts.

Conceived and founded by cult writer Boyd McDonald in the early 1970s, STH quickly gained a large following and underground notoriety due to a combination of graphic sexual content, radical politics and stinging wit. The unique concept of Straight To Hell remains unchanged until today: readers are invited to send to the magazine their accounts of true sexual experiences. Over the decades Straight To Hell has become an infamously comprehensive and uncensored library of homosexual practice and identity, resulting in a uniquely democratic and powerful collection of sexual, bizarre, funny, and raunchy stories documenting the real sex lives of a wide range of real men. For the exhibition at White Cubicle, STH Presents an Installation by Jan Wandrag. Wandrag will use specially created wallpaper as a backdrop on which to present a "brief" bibliography of Straight to Hell. The exhibition will create a space for the enjoyment of the reader-written sex stories featured in STH.

STRAIGHT TO HELL “The cumrag of the stars” A.K.A.; The Manhattan Review Of Unnatural Acts Also known as: The New York Review of Cocksucking, The North American Horndog Reader, The New Amsterdam Journal of Trade, The Manatus Raunch Gazette, The Uranian Spurting Times, Feeled and Creemed, Splorch Illustrated, etc. (THE official organ of: The Great East Ball Lickers Union - local 6942, W.H.O.R.E. International, and, The Society For The Preservation Of Quality Blow Jobs.) - Now in its fourth decade of service to the international pervert community. STH publishes true reader-written sex histories - and raunchy pics. Began in 1973 by cult writer Boyd McDonald (1925–1992), and continued by second editor Victor Weaver, STH is currently published and edited by Billy Miller.

NYC artist/writer/and independent publisher Billy Miller has exhibited his artwork internationally at; P.S.1/MoMa, D'Amelio Terras Gallery, John Connelly Gallery, L.A.C.E., Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Edlin Gallery, Center For Book Arts NYC, Team Gallery, Kunstverein München, Dietch Projects, Gallerie du Jour Paris, Glory Hole at the Architecture Foundatation London, The Jersey City Museum and other galleries and cultural institutions. His writing has appeared in INDEX, BUTT, K48, WON, NY Arts, VICE, and elsewhere. And he is the publisher of S.T.H., When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again, No Milk Today and numerous other independent publications.

Jan Wandrag was born in South Africa and currently lives in New York. He loves to collaborate and is currently working on a video project with filmmaker and BUTT editor Adam Baran. He also designed the independent publication When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again with Billy Miller - and has created installations for a number of group shows curated by Billy - including, "Straight To Hell: In Cock We Trust" at Exile Gallery Berlin, "Artist as Publisher" at The Center for Book Arts in New York, and this summer's blockbuster exhibit "Lost Horizon" and "Head Shop" also in Berlin. Additionally, Jan's art has been exhibited across the US, Africa, and Europe and featured in publications such as The New York Times, Kaiserin, The/End, Crush, Butt, NY Arts and K48.

THE WHITE CUBICLE TOILET GALLERY measures 1.40 by 1.40 metres, is located within the Ladies Toilet of the George and Dragon, and works with no budget, staff or boundaries. White Cubicle presents a discerning programme of local and international manifestations as an antidote to London’s sometimes extremely commercial art scene. Past exhibitions have included the work of Deborah Castillo, Gregorio Magnani, Butt Magazine, Federico Herrero, Terence Koh, i-Cabin, Steven Gontarski, Pixis Fanzine/Princess Julia and Hanah, General Idea and avaf, Basso Magazin, Carl Hopgood, Giles Round, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Superm, (Brian Kenny and Slava Mogutin), Elkin Calderon, Wolfgang Tillmans, Calvin Holbrook/Hate Magazine, Husam el Odeh, Simon Popper, Fur, Dik Fagazine, Rick Castro/Abravanation, Jean Michel Wicker, Noki, Ellen Cantor, Karl Holmqvist, Julie Verhoeven, Aldo Chaparro, Esther Planas, Nikos Pantazopoulos, Luis Venegas, Twinklife, Rocky Alvarez, Benedetto Chirco...

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