Sunday, 21 August 2011


As part of the exhibition 'Incidents of Mirror Travel in Yucatan and Elsewhere' at Museo Tamayo and in collaboration with Alias Editorial, (a non profit publishing and translating project of artist Damian Ortega) we published Robert Smithson's Hotel Palenque in Spanish.

On Alias Editorial:

Alias Editorial's purpose is to spread the work and ideas of authors who are particularly significant to contemporary art. Creations that, for reasons and circumstances, have not been translated, published or disseminated in the Spanish-speaking world; or if published, then are either out of print or were never distributed in Mexico.

A meaning of the Spanish word alias, now in disuse, but the one we prefer, is “differently” (“de otro modo”). Alias publishes books differently, with a style and form all its own. We propose an alternative publishing mode: by copying the original or adapting to it, Alias detaches the text from its origins and places it in a new context. Alias is the twin book, the “alias book”.

Order your copy of Hotel Palenque here:

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