Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Lima centre from above, view from the Sheraton

American continent drawings by Gilda Mantilla and Raimond Chaves at AMIL space in Centro Camino Real

Lima fog drawings by Raimond Chaves at AMIL space

Francys Alys Fabiolas' at the Museo de Arte Italiano in collaboration with MALI

Pablo Vargas Lugo's Solar Spots at (e)Star project space

and Pablo Vargas Lugas butterfly pattern cutouts at Lucia de la Puente gallery

Iosu Aramburu's paintings and House of Cards at 80m2 gallery

Pablo Hare's astronomical phtographies at La (Ex)Culpable

Giancarlos Scagglia's peru terrorism paintings and sculptures at Revolver Gallery

fan, ceiling, light, chairs and tables at cevicheria La Buena Muerte

modernist building on pilotis in the centre

Inca and Amazonic blankets at Frazadas Santa Catalina

Sometimes street murals are more interesting than art

and street performance by a Jota Castro look alike!

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