Tuesday, 22 May 2007


'Celador, a taste of illusion', films stills, © Loris Gréaud

An exhibition, with Loris Gréaud and Arnaud Michniak, by Mathieu Copeland

Hong Kong, Hong Kong City Hall, 14th of May - 27th of May 2007 - opening the 15th of May, 18.30

The exhibition appears as a moment frozen in time. A place where the viewers constantly celebrate the opening of an exhibition in a gallery whose size is gradually reduced, and that in turn reduces the view over the city.

The first movement of the exhibition comes with the present DVD that acts as a catalogue. Widely available, it features two new-commissioned films by Loris Gréaud and Arnaud Michniak both filmed in Hong Kong. The film ‘Celador, un goût d’illusion’ by Loris Gréaud is an advertising for a candy that taste of illusion. The film by Arnaud Michniak “Sound take in a hospital” focuses on arrested moments in the midst of a city in constant movement.

The exhibition at the Hong Kong City Hall appears minimal, if not empty. The films realised for the exhibition are shown sporadically throughout the exhibition. Our experience in the gallery is somehow what we are told of these works. There, everything remains, but nothing is left. Nothing seems to happen. The only element that evolves throughout the exhibition is, paradoxically, the space itself. The art is simply everything else.

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