Friday, 8 January 2010


Last Tuesday I visited my favorite hot spring in LA, it's the Beverly Hot Springs Korean baths, it costs 30 US dollars to enter, they have a piano and a rock wall with a waterfall on the entrance, a sauna, a steam room, and a hot springs pool. There's a section for men and another for women, so it's not like the Russian baths in NY where everybody is mixed, and there's always the right amount of people, no more than 15, and everybody is in silence which makes it a very enjoyable experience.

Originally discovered by an unknown oil wildcatter around the turn of the century and "rediscovered" in 1931, the well's contents sold for drinking water at 10 cents a gallon. Now, many years later, the area boasts a beautiful facility where the public can relax and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the only natural mineral thermal spa in Los Angeles. The balmy waters of the Beverly Hot Springs gush from a natural artesian well 2,200 feet beneath the earth's surface. The water issuing from the hot spring is heated by geothermal heat, essentially heat from the Earth's interior. Hot springs contain various minerals and elements such as alkaline, radium, sulfur, sodium and alkaline sodium chloride, which have healing properties and health benefits!

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