Sunday, 26 February 2012


Biblioteca Amazonica entrance plaque

Biblioteca Amazonica from the outside, unfortunately it was closed

next door, the patio of the Museo Amazonico, the works are exhibited around the patio

the Museo Amazonico sign

one of the sculptures of the Museo Amazonico of one of the indigenous inhabitants of the Amazons

sculptures and cabinets, part of the collection of the Museo Amazonico

a collection of photographic cameras on display

and a collection of dusty empty cabinets in the corridors

another cabinet, another indigenous sculpture

painting, photo, cabinet, sculpture

man playing an instrument, pregnant sculpture

Iquitos landscape

empty desks

amazonian heroes, map of Peru and fan

empty shelves

empty cabinets

the pink house where the Biblioteca and Museo Amazonico are located

Sueloteca (translated to something like ground or earth library), located in another building near the main square

samples at the Sueloteca

plastic chairs and earth samples at the Sueloteca

views of the Sueloteca

details of the earth works

and the Museum of Amazonian Popular Art for Tourists (actually the handicrafts market)

with thanks to Gilda Mantilla and Raimond Chaves for their guidance and inspiration and to Renzo Gianella for his help organising this trip

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