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Marta 'Che' Traba, an exhibition on two argentinians idols who ideologically influenced the whole continent

artists Gustavo Marrone, Mauro Guzman and shoemaker Martiniano Lopez Crozet (ex Super Elegantes!)

Runo Lagomarsino, Untitled three, (three commercial sodas), 2011

Matthieu Laurette, Art = Capital = Spectacle (Che), 3 Cuban pesos and ink, 2009

Roberto Jacoby, A guerilla fighter doesn't die to become a poster on the wall, 1968

Aleksandra Mir, Che and Concorde, 2003-2006
Read an interview between Mir and the creator of the original Che Guevara poster, Jim Fitzpatrick here.
More on Che and Concorde here.

Aleksandra Mir's Che and Concorde, and images of the plane crash in which Marta Traba lost her life

images of Boeing 747, Avianca Flight 11, in which Marta Traba died after the plane crashed before landing on November 27, 1983, near Madrid-Barajas Airport. The flight was making a stop from Paris on its way to Colombia where Traba was participating in the "First Meeting of Hispanic Culture". Flying on the plane were also her husband, intellectual Angel Rama, Mexican writer Jorge Ibargüengoitia, Peruvian writer Manuel Scorza and Catalan pianist Rosa Sabater. They all died.
Images downloaded from the technical report of the accident.

documents table, in a MACBA povera style

Nicolas Gomez, En Blanco y Negro, Marta Traba's black and white tv apparitions

Marta Traba, History of Modern Art told from Bogota on National TV in 20 chapters, 1983
Traba, who denunciated conceptual and pop art in latinamerica as vehicles of imperial domination, does without being aware a very pop and conceptual work!

Modernidad y Postmodernidad, edited by Julieta Gonzalez for the Alejandro Otero Museum in Caracas, 2000, about Marta Traba's polemic with the intellectuals and artists in Caracas

En Blanco y Negro, Nicolas Gomez' tesis on Marta Traba

Nicolas Gomez' Marta Traba in Black and White, including Marta's haridos, published by MurMur/Sofia Hernandez Chong. Downoload here

Maria Isabel Rueda's portrait of people wearing Che t-shirts in Colombia

Che T-shirts in Colombia by Maria Isabel Rueda

Che- wank by Juan David Laserna

Cher-Guevara by Scott King. Originally published on the cover of Sleazenation vol 4 no.1, February 2001

Marta Traba's cut out dress by Nicolas Gomez

'En Blanco y Negro' Nicolas Gomez' investigation on Marta Traba's apparitions in the media and Galeria Chilena logo by Galeria Daniel Moron

image of Marta Traba with Botero, part of Nicolas Gomez research on Marta Traba

Galeria Chilena logo by Galeria Daniel Moron and Plop video of latin american heroes (including Fidel Castro and Juan Gabriel) falling

Galeria Chilena logo by Galeria Daniel Moron, 2012
the logo comes from Chapulin Colorado, an idiot tv programme done in Mexico during the 70s and 80s which colonized the continent, it was reappropiated by Galeria Chilena in Santiago during the late 90s.
The Ch symbol can also refer to Che, Cheverismo and Chevere.

unfortunately not in the exhibition, Chemerica by Gumercindo Quevedo, 1972, exhibited as a blueprint in the exhibition Hacia un Perfil del Arte Latinamericano curated by Jorge Glusberg in the thrid Coltejer Biennale in Medellin, Colombia in May 1972

and unfortunately not in the exhibition: Hélio Oiticica, Parangolé P20, Cape 16 - Guevarcalia: In Memoriam Guevara, 1968 (photo by Jorge Lewinski)

not yet in the exhibition
Claudia Joskowicz, Vallegrande, 1967 (2008)
One in a trilogy of videos based on events in Bolivian history and their effect on the country’s mytho-historic landscape. Vallegrande, 1967 reenacts the display of guerrilla combatant Che Guevara's corpse for the media after his assassination by the Bolivian army in La Higuera in 1967. The display of his mutilated corpse for journalists and selected spectators by the Bolivian military was meant to serve as proof of the guerrilla's demise before his remains were buried in a secret, unmarked grave. The Christ-like figure of the posthumous Che lying on a concrete slab in the laundry room of the Nuestra Señora de Malta hospital in Vallegrande was filmed as a slow moving tracking-in shot in the same laundry room where Guevara's body was laid. The small building, now covered in memorial graffiti written by Che admirers has become one of the most venerated stops on the "Che tourist path" and thus, part of the Che myth.

Marta Traba at the tv studio, in her TV programme 'El Museo imaginario', 1955

and Che playing baseball with a shirt for the team Occidente (the west), 1964

Andres Pereira Paz, the best Bolivian assistant

La ENE team, Santiago Villanueva, Sofia Dourron, PLB, Marina Reyes Franco, Gala Berger, and Andres Pereira

after party djs, artists Gaston Persico and Cecilia Szalkowicz

amigos dancing at the after party organized in collaboration with nieghbouring Mite gallery

Porchito Porcel Jr

MRF with the earnings from beer selling and fag hags

the building where la ENE is located in Avenida Santa Fe in Buenos Aires

an exhibition/research under process by
Pablo León de la Barra and Beatriz López for La Ene.
Opening 19 Mayo 2012, 9PM

with works by:
Galería Daniel Morón
Nicolás Gómez
Roberto Jacoby
Scott King
Runo Lagomarsino
Matthieu Laurette
Juan David Lazerna
Alberto Lezaca
Aleksandra Mir
María Isabel Rueda
y Marta Traba misma

and publications on Marta Traba by:
Julieta González and Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy

With the support of La Central, Bogota and el Centro de la Revolución Estética.

La Ene
Nuevo Museo Energia de Arte Contemporaneo
Santa Fe 2729, 1er piso #34, Buenos Aires

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