Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Often referred to as the Switzerland of Central America, Costa Rica prides itself on having no army and—unlike its Central American neighbors—has managed to avoid civil war and other military conflict. Costa Rica has a reputation for biodiversity and environmental protectionism; its jungles and beaches are favorite spots for eco-tourists (who generally favor them over San José), and the country is ranked as the happiest on earth by the Happy Planet Index. However, Costa Ricans do tend to think of themselves as “whiter” than their more indigenous Central American neighbors, an attitude that has given rise to racist prejudice against those perceived as darker, especially immigrants from bordering countries. Pictured here is Jungla de Hamacas (Hammock Jungle) was an intervention by Bureau de Intervenciones Publicas (BIP), part of Proyectos Ultravioleta’s exhibition in MADC’s Pila de Melaza (Molasses Fermenting Tank), a space now used for large-scale installations and performances.

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