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Lina Bo Bardi, an exhibition at the Johann Jacobs Museum in Zurich

Roger M. Buergel, director (and curator) Johann Jacobs Museum, Zurich

From June to November 2014, the Johann Jacobs Museum focused its attention on Italian/Brazilian designer and architect Lina Bo Bardi.

Exhibition 1
Lina Bo Bardi
born in Rome in 1914
June 14 to september 28 , 2014

A series of exhibitions will recall and examine Bo Bardi's growth and development from the 1950s in Brazil's African-influenced North East, a culture that was initially alien to her. We will document Bo Bardi's voyages of exploration to the edges of perception together with her attempts, using the most rudimentary objects (kitchen implements, tools and cult items) provided by a bitterly poor culture, to extract a picture of the society and the possibilities it opened up for emancipation.

Bo Bardi channelled her commitment to the North East into the Museum of Popular Art in Salvador, which opened in 1963, but which the military dictatorship closed down only six months later. The former collection of the Museu de Arte Popular in Salvador da Bahia will be reassembled in Zurich, but not on a one-to-one basis. 

The Johann Jacobs Museum aims to express Bo Bardi’s understanding of the museum as a crucible for modernization from the bottom up in the form of a cabinet of wonders and a learning lab.

Exhibition 2
3 Sites - Lina Bo Bardi
Till november 30, 2014

The second of our series of exhibitions on Italian-Brazilian architect
Lina Bo Bardi (1914-92) is dedicated to three places that she created:
1) the site (since destroyed) in front of the artwork at the São Paulo Museum of Art;
2) the site of transition (since destroyed) from the pre-modern to the modern at Salvador da Bahia's Popular Art Museum; and
3) the site of creative liberation of those small and large people alike who are in danger of being crushed by the demands of modern society: SESC Pompeía.

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