Friday, 26 June 2009


Guattari/Rolnik's 'Molecular Revolution in Brazil', guacamole and doritos, vodka-ginger ale and lemon, picnic table, garden, english summer

'We address ourselves to unconsciouses that protest. We seek allies. We need allies. And we have the impression that those allies already exist, that they did not wait for us, that there are many people who have had enough, who are thinking, feeling, and working in similar directions: they have nothing to do with a trend, but with a more profound 'spirit of the age,' in which convergent investigations are taking place in very different domains.'
pg 19

'What's important is to go on with our own networks and reinvent an international way of working that enables us to have access, in the least bad conditions possible, to the tremendous period that lies ahead - for better and for worse!'
pg 134

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