Monday, 15 June 2009


The differences between the parts are the subject of the composition, 2009
6 scale models 1:150 on a base 210x135x15cm, photographic archive on shelf

Kostas Kostakis (The differences between the parts are the subject of the composition), 2009
frame 70x50cm with 49 photographs each 6.5x9.5 cm

Three models of the U.S. embassy in Athens in three different scales, 2003

Vangelis Vlahos employs the methodology of research and collects archival material to compose a series of open-ended narratives on recent historical experience, which re-examine official versions of history, or encourage a new approach of its dominant narrative. His recent work focuses on different experiences in modern history, mainly through archival material culled from various sources. It seems to be concerned with the extent to which such material may be used as a tool in our attempt to rethink notions of the past that continue to influence and shape our perception of the present. An equally important aspect of his research is the juxtaposition of the language of architecture and that of political and economic power and the comparisons drawn between them.

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