Sunday, 21 June 2009


Maria Ines Rodriguez sitting on a Lynn Chadwick sculpture

Mathieu Copeland in Cannary Wharf

by Michael Parsons
Curated by Mathieu Copeland

Saturday 20th June 2009
10.45 am – 12 noon

A one hour walk through Canary Wharf with live brass accompaniment of a sound composition written by Michael Parsons and site specific to Canary Wharf.

Echo Piece is an environmental sound work to be performed by a number of musicians, moving around and exploring the acoustic properties of an open-air space. Players with trumpets, horns and trombones will play short single notes, interspersed with silences, evoking echoes from reflective surfaces, in a variable, open-form, sparse and pointillistic texture of discrete sounds.

Echo Piece creates a spatial polyphony of multiple echoes, activating the sound-reflecting surfaces of buildings at different distances, revealing the elasticity of the surrounding medium. Canary Wharf is an ideal urban location for this event, having a series of open spaces surrounded by sound-reflecting surfaces, and being relatively free of traffic noise. Echo Piece will change the way these spaces are perceived and experienced, by exposing their latent acoustic potential.

“The space between buildings is also part of their architecture. Volumes, masses and voids ‘transmit’ and ‘receive’ messages from one another.”
Le Corbusier

Members of the public are invited to join the walk. Meet at Cabot Square at 11.00 am for the start. Times and places as follow:

10.45 am Cabot Square
10.50 Fishermans Walk ( waterside on north side of Cabot Square)
10.55 Willoughby Passage (covered passage from west end of Fishermans Walk)
11.00 return to Cabot Square
11.05 Cubitt Steps, leading to Mackenzie Walk
11.10 - 11.20 Mackenzie Walk to West Plaza
11.20 - 11.40 West Plaza
11.40 -11.45 walk through and along north side of Jubilee Park
11. 45 -12.00 Montgomery Square

Commissioned by Culture House at Arts and Business

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