Friday, 10 September 2010


exhibition views

Cristobal Lehyt

Alessandra Pohlmann, Johanna Unzueta

Alessandra Pohlmann

Juan Cespedes

Cristobal Lehyt

Johanna Unzueta

Felipe Mujica in the exhibition

artist Ximena Garrido-Lecca founder of Ex-Civic Room

Felipe Mujica with curators Carmen Julia and Tanya Barson

Ex-Civic's room lift bar!

Grace's Jamaican Kitchen outside the building

The sculpture I kidnapped!

view's of the exhibition at message salon in Zurich

exhibition's e-flyer

“Lets Kidnap a Sculpture!”
Juan Céspedes, Cristóbal Lehyt, Felipe Mujica, Alessandra Pohlmann and Johanna Unzueta
Private View: 9 September, 6-9 pm
Dates: 10 - 26 September 2010
at: ex-Civic Room
1st Floor, 242-248 Kinglsand Rd, London E8 4DG

“Let’s Kidnap a Sculpture!” presents works by Juan Céspedes, Cristóbal Lehyt, Felipe Mujica, Alessandra Pohlmann and Johanna Unzueta. The main idea of this project is to produce a space of encounters, a place that has no center. In order to achieve this, the artists will produce individual pieces that will come from different places. They will use different methods and systems to create their work, generating a clash with each other. The dialogue will be muted and the confrontation will be fore-grounded. To believe a collection of dissimilar pieces that interact and open fresh ways to look at things we already can recognize such as the histories of Latin American Art.

For the exhibition, Felipe Mujica will install individually colored stripes of wallpaper. These stripes will have a limited color scheme (one color per piece) and will be hung from the wall rather than glued. This will accentuate a minimal sculptural presence, a limit zone that will serve as a visual and conceptual backdrop for the other pieces in the exhibition. This wallpaper installation was recently exhibited at a solo show at message salon in Zürich, producing a first and preparatory step for its London presentation. Johanna Unzueta, Alessandra Pohlmann, Juan Céspedes and Cristóbal Lehyt will install sculptures of different materiality. Felt produced pieces made by Unzueta refer to labor; Wood and plaster abstract sculptures made by Lehyt which look like melancholic pastiches yet somehow retain access to a dubious sincerity; Pohlmann’s work attaches itself to the body, but through the filter of science fiction films, the grotesque and humorous in bodily representations of the alien/other; Céspedes will present intervened beer cans that straddle the line between youthful fetishes and decadent addictions.

The title of this exhibition is named after an action realized by the artist Vassilakis Takis, who on January 3, 1969, “marched into New York’s Museum of Modern Art, unplugged his kinetic piece Tele-sculpture (1960), and retreated to the MoMA garden with the piece in hand” (Julia Bryan-Wilson, “Art Workers“, page 13).

Civic Room is the gallery component for Working Rooms, an artists run organisation that provides studios for artists and designers, as well as an educational program geared towards the needs of the local community.

“Lets Kidnap a Sculpture!” has been made in collaboration with Pablo León de la Barra and is part of a series of exhibitions to be held in different spaces in Europe in the fall of 2010. These exhibitions are possible thanks to the support of DIRAC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chile.

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