Tuesday, 5 March 2013


White Cubicle Toilet Gallery presents an exhibition by Prem Sahib curated by Paul Sammut

golden shower exhibition poster

new semi transparent door for the cubicle

and new yellow triangle light

artist Prem Sahib inside his work at White Cubicle

young artist Martin Sekera is into watersports

Omer visits the cubicle

Panos from the House of George

golden shower in the golden shower

White Cubicle's curator in residence Mr. Paul Sammut

artist Anthea Hamilton cutting the ribbon

Luis and Prem celebrating the exhibition

semitransparent White Cubicle new door

and marks left on the toilet door...

Is happy to invite you to the opening of an exhibition by Prem Sahib
'spinning lil' white lies about his crepuscular time in yellow'
Monday February 25, 2013 8PM to 12 PM
at the George and Dragon Public House, 2 Hackney Road, London E2
DJs of the night Sara Knowland and Anal House Meltdown.
Prem Sahib at White Cubicle is curated by White Cubicle's inaugural curator in residence Paul Sammut.

Prem Sahib’s project for White Cubicle, 'spinning lil' white lies about his crepuscular time in yellow', shifts the function of the space with the addition of acid yellow lighting and a bespoke shower door. Sahib explores the situations in which he finds himself ‘much like a tourist in one’s own culture’, utilising an exact and esoteric language to create tricks and deviations. Often placing the viewer within a specific moment, he challenges and exposes his own cultures. Sahib creates an intangible atmospheric alteration that is both glorious and indicative of the substances within the space by showering the room with yellow light. Along with the new door the project sidesteps the Cubicle’s function as a toilet, with all the connotations this brings, encouraging new narratives to emerge.

Prem Sahib, born London, 1982, is currently completing his postgraduate course at the RA Schools. Recent exhibitions include He Looked Me Up, Marian Cramer Projects, Amsterdam, Home From Home, Arts & Jobs, London, and Feel Up, (a two-person collaborative exhibition with Eddie Peake), Southard Reid, London (all 2012). Forthcoming exhibitions include solo shows at Galleria Lorcan O’Neill, Rome, Italy (April 2013) and Southard Reid, London, UK (September 2013).

Paul Sammut lives and works in London, dividing his time between working on art projects and working in publishing (for Book Works, among others). As a part of P.A.S.T. Projects, with Alexandra Terry, he has recently produced projects in collaboration with Jorge De la Garza, Mariana Silva and GANDT and in February 2013, on occasion of its eighth anniversary, he became the first curator in residence of the White Cubicle Toilet Gallery.

The White Cubicle Toilet Gallery measures 1.40 by 1.40 metres, is located within the Ladies Toilet of the George and Dragon, and works with no budget, staff or boundaries. Founded by Mr. Pablo Leon de la Barra, who functioned as artistic director of the Toilet Gallery since 2005, the White Cubicle has been presenting a discerning programme of local and international manifestations as an antidote to London’s sometimes extremely commodified art scene. Past exhibitions have included Deborah Castillo, Gregorio Magnani, Butt Magazine, Federico Herrero, Terence Koh, i-Cabin, Steven Gontarski, Pixis Fanzine/Princess Julia and Hanah, General Idea and avaf, Basso Magazin, Carl Hopgood, Giles Round, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Superm, (Brian Kenny and Slava Mogutin), Elkin Calderon, Wolfgang Tillmans, Calvin Holbrook/Hate Magazine, Husam el Odeh, Simon Popper, Fur, Dik Fagazine, Rick Castro/Abravanation, Jean Michel Wicker, Noki, Ellen Cantor, Karl Holmqvist, Julie Verhoeven, Aldo Chaparro, Esther Planas, Nikos Pantazopoulos, Luis Venegas, Twinklife, Rocky Alvarez, Benedetto Chirco, STH Magazine, Elmgreen & Dragset, Francesc Ruiz, Sico Carlier, Stefan Benchoam, Thomas Dozol, Marco Rountree, Aleksandra Mir, Cameron Irving, the Hundley Twins, Tetine and many others…
In words of Aleksandra Mir "White Cubicle has become the stamp of approval for any self respecting artist of our generation."
Starting February 2013, the White Cubicle Toilet Gallery programme will be curated by Mr. Paul Sammut.
White Cubicle facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/White-Cubicle-Toilet-Gallery/119074441495849

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