Saturday, 30 June 2012


Jaime Gili next to his work

and direct from Caracas Dj Tostoni

the sun has gone at Tynesmouth station

and North Eastern Railway map

and Gili's sketch for the project

Jaime Gili
Posters para Postes / Posters for Posts
Tynemouth Station
curated by Pablo Leon de la Barra

"Had I seen this old picture of Tynemouth Station before, maybe I would have considered renewing the idea of a permanent installation of flowers hanging from its columns. Those plants initially were acting like fireworks celebrating the new possibilities of metal and glass in architecture. We can imagine the feeling that such amount of light gave to the users of the station in 1890, still common in good modern architecture today: transparency, warmth, lightness.
The station has changed only a little bit, and somehow for me like perhaps for those who put those plants the first time, the necessity to add colour remains. Initially the work took many roads, but finally the idea of working with the columns won. It is an essential element that can be taken for granted but, if highlighted, can become an interesting support. I worked several combinations of posters for its different parts, considering different points of view and the usual circulation paths on daily users and on days of especial events. The intervention, including the extra banners welcoming the visitors, wants to be a celebration of architecture as much as a social relationships enhancer, just like flowers can be."
text by Jaime Gili

Jaime Gili was born in Caracas in 1972. Gili is a painter and printmaker whose canvases and installations draw on the history of sequential and op art in Venezuala. His art activities reference peripheral modernist art and architecture movements and the work of artists from a rich 20c tradition in that country. Gili began his art studies in Prodiseño, Caracas in 1988. Moving to Europe in 1990, he lived and studied in Barcelona, where he did a BA in 1995 and a PhD from Universidad de Barcelona on 'Repetition in Art' in 2000. He also studied at London's Royal College of Art in 1996, graduating in 1998. Recent projects include his winning of the international competition to create one of the world's largest site-specific public art project comprising sixteen large oil tanks along the Fore River in South Portland, Maine, and a site specific installation in the Caracas barrio of Petare.

Jaime Gili's installation rted by Arts Council England and North Tyneside Council.
Jaime Gili's project is part of ¡VAMOS! Festival. The festival runs from the 1 June to 15 July 2012, and celebrates Spanish and Portuguese speaking cultures in Newcastle and the north east of England. ¡VAMOS! combines cuisine, art, film, theatre, dance, music, literature, fashion, sport and education.

early the following morning Jaime Gili and Pablo Leon de la Barra visit Schwitters' Merzbarn at the Hatton Gallery of the University of Newcastle

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