Sunday, 25 August 2013


Hudinilson Jr. home studio visit by Marina Reyes Franco and Phosphorus

Hudinilson Jr. 
text and photos by Marina Reyes Franco

Hudinilson Jr. is a story-telling machine and don't you dare interrupt him.  Invited by Maria Montero, founder of independent art space Phosphorus, we visited his apartment in São Paulo.  Although completely crowded with artworks both old and new, there are few remnants of his passage through the celebrated yet obscure artist group 3Nós3 (1979-1982).  One of these is a large scale photograph of one their "urban interventions", Ensacamento, in which they -Rafael França, Mario Ramiro and Hudinilson Jr. himself- put garbage bags over the heads of several massive sculptures around the city.  Other works found around his home include his own xerographs, stencils, small sculptures and the documentation of the famous performance in which he "made love" to a Xerox machine.  Although not photographed, one of the most bizarre things is the vast quantity of collaged sketchbooks -well over a hundred- that he has amassed, and still continues to work on, since the eighties.  These albums include cut outs from erotic and gossip magazines, notes left to him by artist friends and news clippings about exhibitions or art criticism.  The early ones are by far the most interesting because they tell the coded art-world stories Hudinilson Jr. might tell you himself if you catch him in a good mood at home. Now, however, a lot of the people featured in those sketchbooks are dead or estranged. Book after book filled with pictures of naked men, the artistic exercise has become more obsessive; the work of an older, lonelier, gay man.  A selection of these works will be part of a solo exhibition at Jaqueline Martins' gallery in April 2014.  As a whole, the collection tells the story of the evolution of what has been considered a sexy man, and as such it is impressive. 

Phosphours, space of open experimentation

and Marina Reyes Franco and friends Museo La Ene in Buenos Aires

and Galeria Jaqueline Martins

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  1. Hey pablo,
    He just died here in SP...
    Its a real shame...
    Tiago Santos