Thursday 14 October 2004


Slow Dance CluB
Los Super Elegantes & assume vivid astro focus

'Last February we were driving through the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and passed by a MacDonald's. All of a sudden we saw a group of people dancing like crazy towards the back of the fast food joint which indeed seemed natural. People were on top of the tables wearing bikinis and feathers on their heads. We realized that it was a kid's birthday party but all the parents were going wild along with the kids. Even though the setting wasn't conducive to dancing, people's will to have fun changed the space that they were in and a new experience was allowed to happen...

The Slow Dance Club will consist of a room for people to get together and dance to romantic music. Los Super Elegantes will DJ sets throughout the day and will be looking for potential partners to dance with: to create momentary intimacy between strangers. The club will facilitate a release of emotions similar to those happening at the fair: desperation, falling in lust, obsession with the object, flirting, and you can imagine the rest. People can leave asking each other: Did you get lucky at the fair?'

Slow Dance Club performance schedule
Thursday 14 October
12-8pm DJs Los Super Elegantes plus
12-1pm Sarah Mcrory
3-4.30pm Sam Tidman
8-9pm Grand Opening Performance by Los Super Elegantes
Friday 15 October
11-7pm DJs Los Super Elegantes plus
11-1pm & 3-4.30pm Tommy Smoov
Saturday 16 October
11-7pm DJs Los Super Elegantes plus
11-1pm Errol Perkins
3-4.30pm Nick Waplington
Sunday 17 October
11-7pm DJs Los Super Elegantes plus
11-1pm Oscar McHamish
3-4pm Vern Donegan
5-6pm Grand Finale Performance by Los Super Elegantes
Monday 18 October
11-5pm DJs Los Super Elegantes plus
11-1pm Tommy Smoov
3-4.30pm Nathan Parker

Los Super Elegantes is the collaborative team of Milena Muzquiz and Martiniano Lopez-Crozet. Born in Mexico and Argentina respectively, they both now live and work in Los Angeles. Working as musicians, playwrights and visual artists they exhibited at the Whitney Biennial 2004, New York, Peres Projects, Los Angeles, 2003, and Deitch Projects, New York, 2003.
assume vivid astro focus aka Eli Sudbrack was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and currently lives and works in New York. Solo exhibitions at Galeria Triângulo, São Paulo, Brazil, Dietch Projects, New York and Peres Projects, Los Angeles and will be exhibiting at art:concept, Paris, later this year. Group exhibitions include the Whitney Biennial 2004, New York, 'Such Things I do Just to Make Myself More Attractive to You', Peres Projects, Los Angeles, 2004, 'Cave Canem', John Connelly Presents, New York, 2004 'Popstraction', Deitch Projects, 2003 and 'GNS: Global Navigation System', Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2003.