Wednesday 2 October 2013


Smiljan Radic at the entrance of his own house, Casa CR in Santiago, Chile.
During a visit to Santiago I was fortunate to meet an old hero, architect Smiljan Radic who I have admired and followed his work since I first stumbled into his work in 1998-99 and discovered a project he had made (The Extension to the Casa del Carbonero/ Charcoal Burner's Hut) in which he dissolved the boundaries between art/architecture/sculpture/land art.

a black ground floor, upper floor with walls made of a double polyester membrane coated with PVC, with roof structure controlled by two floats inflated by a small air compressor

side entrance into the house

Chilean empanadas for lunch

up the stairs to the upper floor studio

soft sculptures by Marcela Correa, Radjic's partner in the floating studio

and floating hammocks and Weimaraner in the backyard deck

and rocks catching rain water...

and read an interview with Smilian Radjic by Jose Castillo in Bomb Magazine here
with thanks to Irene and Elodie from Chaco Art Fair for the invitation to meet Smiljan.

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