Sunday 29 June 2008


Armando Andrade Tudela
Gamblers Die Broke
Press preview: Friday, June 27, 2008, 11am
Opening: Saturday, June 28, 2008, 7pm
Duration: June 29 – September 7, 2008
Opening hours: TUE/WED/FRI 11am-6pm, THU 11am-8.30pm,
SAT/SUN 11am-5pm

Gamblers Die Broke is the title of the first solo exhibition of the work of the Peruvian born artist, Armando Andrade Tudela (b. 1975), to be held in Switzerland. The phrase is borrowed from The Asphalt Jungle (1950), a film noir by John Huston. It has been removed from its original context to be shown in a different light, a method that is essential to Andrade Tudela’s work.

In his work Andrade Tudela presents different aspects of culture (history, architecture, vernacular paraphernalia) in new relationships. His intention is to ‘decentralize the conditions by which signs and symbols become fixed and static and to reinforce the idea that through the reconfiguration or the interruption of values, meanings and processes, one can create imaginary solutions to comprehend our immediate landscape and historical background more clearly.’ (1)

This interest also arises from the artist's own perpetual displacement. Since 2000, Andrade Tudela has lived and worked in London, Maastricht, St. Etienne, and now in Berlin, where he is a DAAD artist in residence. Like the Brazilian artist, Hélio Oiticica (1937-1980), initiator of the ‘Tropicália’-movement of the 1970s, Andrade Tudela believes in a process of assimilation of cultural ideas, from one culture into another, in a way that does not just gratuitously copy, but that is in fact a subversive creation.

Works from 2007 and 2008 have been selected for Andrade Tudela’s exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel, including films, photograms, sculptures and drawings. In these works, the mobility and the changeability of how things appear and what they mean are central. In Untitled #1 (Sun), the sun does not allow itself to be captured, its light breaking up in bundles of coloured stripes at the moment when Andrade Tudela films it. Similarly, Oscar Niemeyer’s iconic building for the Communist Party in Paris, in Untitled #2 (Oscar Niemeyer and Infra Red Lamp), has been worked loose from its foundations and usual representations. Rectangular panels turn on their axes, with light from an infrared lamp intermittently shining on them. Reality and abstraction rhythmically alternate with one another.

The photograms behind the large, coloured glass plates, Untitled #1-4 (Photography & Glass), show dots reminiscent of Op-Art, which toy with our perceptions. Additionally, the glass plates take on a different form each time we look at them, because they not only reflect the surrounding space, but also incorporate the viewers themselves.

Andrade Tudela’s work encourages a new way of perceiving reality, one that does not simply accept whatever is being presented. He employs breaks, layers, colours, repetition and rhythm in order to lure us into a hallucinatory way of seeing, while at the same time making the viewers conscious of the subjective process of looking itself.

(1) As stated by the artist on

This exhibition is an altered and expanded version of Armando Andrade Tudela’s solo show at Frankfurter Kunstverein earlier this year, which was curated by Chus Martínez, director of the Frankfurter Kunstverein and curator of the exhibition. We thank her for her collaboration.

Armando Andrade Tudela (*1975, Lima, Peru). Currently lives and works in Berlin in the frame of a DAAD-stipendium. Solo exhibitions: 2009: IKON, Birmingham (January) / 2008: Galerie Krobath Wimmer (with Florian Pumhösl), Vienna; Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt / 2007: Les Signaux de l’Âme, Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam / 2006: Inka Snow, Counter Gallery, London / 2004: Camión, Counter Gallery, London / 2003: The Bakery, Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam. Group exhibitions (selection): 2008: Neutre Intense, La Maison Populaire, Paris / 2007: Brave New Worlds, Walker Art Centre, Minneapolis; Lyon Biennial, Lyon; Curación Geométrica, The Reliance, London / 2006: Shanghai Biennial; Sao Paulo Biennial; T1 - Torino Trienniale / 2005: Tropical Abstraction, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam; Farsites, inSITE 05, Tijunana / San Diego Museum of Art.

T: +41 61 206 99 00 · F: +41 61 206 99 19

images courtesy kunstalle basel

Saturday 28 June 2008


Artist and curator, Eddie Martinez brings together four painters who each translate his visions of the world onto canvas with bold tones, expressive strokes and an idiosyncratic visual language.

Jamison Brosseau was born in Iowa in 1976. He received his masters from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He currently had his first solo show at Galleri Loyal, Stokholm.

Bendix Harms was born in Münster, Germany in 1967 and now resides in Hamburg. He shows with Anton Kern Gallery, New York and has been included in exhibitions at Galleri Faruschou, Copenhagen, Denmark and Sabine Knust Gallery, Munich, among others.

Federico Herrero was born in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1978, where he lives and works. He shows with Pablo Leon de la Barra in London and Sies + Höke Galerie, Düsseldorf. Group exhibitions include biennials in Moscow, Prague, Singapore, and Venice, where he won the 2001 Golden Lion for the best artist under 35.

Ulrich Wulff was born in Kempten, Germany in 1975. He lives and works in Berlin. His work has been seen recently in group exhibitions at Salon 94 and Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in New York and Gio Marconi, Milan, among others. He currently has a solo show at Galerie Bernd Kugler, Innsbruck.

June 27-August 1st

Friday 27 June 2008


Poster 1, detail

2da Trienal Poli/Gráfica de San Juan

Exhibition: April 18 - June 28, 2009

Artistic Director: Adriano Pedrosa
Co-Curators: Julieta González, Jens Hoffmann
Guest Curator: Beatriz Santiago

Poster 1: Gabriel Piovanetti & Luis Díaz
Número Cero 1: Magazine by Carla Zaccagnini
Design by Estella Padilha & Paula Tinoco

2da Trienal Poli/Gráfica de San Juan: América Latina y el Caribe

The 2da Trienal Poli/Gráfica de San Juan: América Latina y el Caribe aims to explore and unfold the concept of the polygraphic into marginal and experimental creative practices working with contemporary art and graphic design. Over a dozen polygraphic platforms will be presented between June 2008 and June 2009, concluding in a large scale presentation opening in April 2009 that will consist of solo and group exhibitions, magazines, posters, artists’ books, postcards, wallpapers, flyers, billboards,
among others.

The poster is a privileged site of the Trienal. A number of Latin American and Caribbean graphic designers were invited to submit proposals for the series of official posters of which six were selected, each one to be launched periodically up until the opening of the exhibition.

Poster 1: Gabriel Piovanetti & Luis Díaz, San Juan
Poster 2: Alex Quinto, Toronto
Poster 3: Alexander Wright, Caracas
Poster 4: Javier Cirioni & Santiago Velazco, Montevideo
Poster 5: Ena Andrade, Lima
Poster 6: Benkee Chang, Carlos González and Alvaro Bustillos, Caracas

Número Cero:
Número Cero is the experimental magazine project of the Trienal. Different teams of critics, curators, artists and designers have been invited to develop several pilot issues of an art periodical; each issue will have the same size and title but distinct content, structure and design.

Carla Zaccagnini (artist, curator and writer, Buenos Aires/São Paulo) and Estella Padilha and Paula Tinoco (graphic designers, São Paulo) are responsible for the first issue, Número Cero 1, titled Mapa Zero, which addresses the geographical territory of the Trienal as an object of exploration. The edition gathers a series of projects developed by 16 artists, who were invited to represent the cities where they live, work, or were born. This group of cities—selected for their geographical location, political position, or the place they occupy in the region’s imaginary—reconfigures the territory and its limits, drawing a unique map of the sub-continent.
Contributors: Narda Alvarado (La Paz), Julián d'Angiolillo (Ushuaia, Argentina), Alexander Apóstol (Caracas), Pablo León de la Barra (Palenque, Mexico), Luz María Bedoya (Lima), Leopoldo Estol (Buenos Aires), Orlando Maneschy (Belém, Brazil), Carlos Motta (Miami), Rachelle Mozman (Panama City), Víctor Muñoz (Medellín), Amilcar Packer (São Paulo), Alejandra Prieto (Santiago de Chile), Chemi Rosado Seijo (San Juan), Carl Trahan (Montreal), María Victoria Portelles (Havana), Héctor Zamora (Mexico City).
Número Cero 2: María Inés Rodríguez, Bogotá/Madrid
Número Cero 3: Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla with Charles Juhasz, San Juan
Número Cero 4: Magali Arriola, Mexico City/San Diego
Número Cero 5: Rita Gonzalez, Los Angeles
Número Cero 6: Beatriz Santiago, San Juan & Julieta González, Caracas/San Juan

Artists’ books:
The Trienal has commissioned the following 20 artists to produce new limited edition books: Alexander Apóstol (Caracas/Madrid), Juan Araujo (Caracas), Fernando Bryce (Lima/Berlin), Jesús Bubu Negrón (San Juan), Carolina Caycedo (Bogotá/San Juan), Tony Cruz (Puerto Rico), Abraham Cruzvillegas (Mexico City), Alejandro Cesarco (Montevideo/New York), Flavia Gandolfo (Lima), Mario García Torres (Mexico City/ San Diego), Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (Paris/Rio de Janeiro), Cao Guimarães (Belo Horizonte), Pablo Helguera (Mexico City/New York), Renata Lucas (Ribeirão Preto, Brazil/Rio de Janeiro), Gilda Mantilla & Raimond Chaves (Lima), Mateo López (Bogotá), Rivane Neuenschwander (Belo Horizonte), Popular de Lujo (Bogotá), Nicolás Robbio (Buenos Aires/São Paulo), Chemi Rosado Seijo (San Juan).

Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña
Antiguo Arsenal de la Marina Española
La Puntilla, Viejo San Juan
P.O. Box 9024184
San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00902-4184
T: 1-787-725-8320; 1-787-724-18770

Approved by the Comisión Estatal de Elecciones CEE-SA-08-8383.

Thursday 26 June 2008


Alexandre da Cunha, Public Sculpture (Puff 1) - In progress 2008, tubo de concreto e espuma, 150x150x38

Preview: 28 June, 2008: 14:00- 17:00pm
Duration: 02 August, 2008
Location: Galeria Luisa Strina – Floors I, III, Rua Oscar Freire, 502
Gallery hours: Monday to Friday: 10:00am- 07:00pm, Saturday: 10:00am- 05:00pm

Alexandre da Cunha’s works play with the idea of appropriation and the use of everyday utilitarian objects, stripping them of their original use value and combining them to create new structures. Abstract compositions made of bathroom mats on large canvases; modernist large sculptures made of concrete and Brancusi columns made of household utensils nod to the History and techniques of High Art with an air of dollar store aesthetic.

The two dimensional work refer to notions of Abstraction, Crafts and Design; their titles - Arcadia, Jasmine, Noveaux etc- are appropriations of the brands of the materials used in the works. They suggest a change of the status of the objects where the brand and its name have the power to lead the viewer to another, perhaps imaginary, place.
Another series of works titled Haute Couture presents a collection of found tea-towels that have been altered trough the addition of stylized famous logos. The desirable brands are incorporated to the towels’ original embroideries; they talk about objects of desire through the eyes of an ordinary everyday life.

Public Sculptures follow a path that has been more recently developed within his three-dimensional work where the artist explores a classic repertoire of sculptural representation. Through the use of cheap materials he creates elegant busts, heads, columns and totens. The new large pieces that refer to monuments, resemble rigid round rings made of concrete and foam. The combination of almost incompatible materials creates a tension that is emphasized when the original function of those materials is revealed to the viewer. The works deal with issues of formalism, such as shape, technique, and materiality but his practice also has an essential playfulness and humor. Moreover the discussion of change of status of the objects expresses a wider concern with the human condition, in particular a critique of the distribution of wealth.

Alexandre da Cunha (born Rio de Janeiro, 1969) is currently exhibiting in Passengers at the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, San Francisco. He has a forthcoming solo exhibition at Sommer and Kohl in Berlin and has just finished his solo- show at Vilma Gold Gallery in London.

Tuesday 24 June 2008


"para ti el banano madura al peso de tu dulce amor"
(for you, the banana matures under the weight of your sweet love)

As part of my residency in Costa Rica I am presenting an installation/performance where I will be sleeping with a green banana bunch until it ripens with the aid of my body's warmth.
Youre invited to come spend a night with me and heat things up.
thank you,

Saturday June 21, 8PM
Place: ::.: ..: ::.: :. : . .:
address: 415, al norte del kiosco del Morazan
Barrion Amon, San José, Costa Rica
Phone: + 506 3947207

Sunday 22 June 2008


Patti Smith, b. 1946, playing at Philips de Pury London on Sunday.

On the background Damien Hirst, b. 1965, The Importance of Elsewhere-The Kindgdom of Heaven, 2006, butterflies and household gloss paint on canvas, 292 x 243.9 cm. (115x96 in). Signed twice, titled and dated 'Damien Hirst The Kingdom of Heaven 2006' on the reverse.
Estimated auction price £1,500,000-2,500,000
Provenance: Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills
Exhibited Los Angeles, Gagosian Gallery, Damien Hirst-Superstition, 22 February-5 April 2007

Saturday 21 June 2008


Blow de la Barra
at 35 Heddon Street is now closed
Detmar Blow will reopen in Autumn
at Unit 3, 37 Heneage Street, London E1
for any information please contact

Thursday 19 June 2008


jean-michel wicker

can a donkey think to be a ladybug
(because the copy is to do nothing)

animal identity and personality disorder,
waterspray disorder, log disorder, projection,
série, repetition, references, reversals,
opposites, totalities, structures,
countertransference, parataxic distortion,
origins, originality, change, phenomena,
displacement maps and parallax mapping

opening on saturday, june 21, 7pm
exhibition june 24 to august 2 2008

galerie sandra buergel
Hedemannstr. 25 D-10969 Berlin
Tel +49 (0)30 258 006 30
Fax +49 (0)30 258 006 31
Open Tue-Sat 11-18 h

Tuesday 17 June 2008


Federico Herrero
Koyanagi Gallery
May 8 to June 21, 2008


Federico Herrero
May 9 to June 21, 2008
Sies + Hoke
Poststrasse 2


Interrogating Systems:
CIFO 2008 Grants and Commissions Exhibition
April 25 - June 22, 2008

The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation presents Interrogating Systems, its 2008 Grants and Commissions Programs exhibition.

Federico Herrero (Costa Rica) was selected as mid career artists recipient of the Commissions Award.

Sunday 15 June 2008


Matthieu Laurette, 'ART=CAPITAL=SPECTACLE', 2006

15 June - 17 August 2008

In an era dominated – in art, as elsewhere – by the omnipresent issue of
profitability, this exhibition offers a partial survey of artistic
approaches challenging the social role of money, from the early 20th century
up until the present. This has been a great chance to bring together works
by Manet, Yves Klein, Andy Warhol, Ernest T., Claire Fontaine, Société
Réaliste and others. In the context of a rampant capitalism for which the
power of the market is all, art is no longer just a sound investment or an
aesthetic refuge. Now thoroughly – and symptomatically – integrated into the
capitalist system, it can provide a better, faster return on investment than
some top shares. In such a setting it is logical to give a hearing to
artists, individually or in groups, whose work falls within the shadow of
stock-market fluctuations. The exhibition L'Argent ("Money") comprises three
complementary sections. It begins with a wall of photocopies of works of art
addressing the money issue. In turn the public can take possession of the
reproductions and touch works of art that very few institutions can afford
to borrow. The exhibition then lingers over the period 1970–80, during which
artists decided to infiltrate the institutional network and denounce the
underhanded transactions that had become an everyday feature of the scene.
In a third and final part, Le Plateau is given over to site-specific works
focusing right now, in 2008, on the unique, universal touchstone that is

*With works by*: Adel Abdessemed, Fikret Atay, Fabio Balducci & Sophie
Calle, Iain Baxter, Philippe Cazal, Claude Closky, Moyra Davey, Wim Delvoye,
Tracey Emin, Et n'est-ce *&/et, Malachi Farrell, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Sylvie
Fleury, Claire Fontaine, Michel François, Gloria Friedmann, General Idea,
Felix Gonzalez-Torres, David Hammons, Thomas Hirschhorn, IFP, Michel
Journiac, Edward Kienholz & Nancy Reddin, Ben Kinmont, Olga Kisseleva,
Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, Suzanne Lafont, Matthieu Laurette, Bertrand Lavier,
Louise Lawler, Zoe Leonard, Les ready-made appartiennent à tout le monde (R),
Gilles Mahé, Kris Martin, Cildo Meireles, Annette Messager, Antoni Muntadas,
Marylène Negro, Cady Noland, Orlan, Gabriel Orozco, Ouest-Lumière, Cesare
Pietroiusti & Paul Griffith, Josephine Pryde, Claude Rutault, Seth
Siegelaub, Santiago Sierra, Société Réaliste, Reena Spaulings, Ernest T,
Taroop & Glabel, the Centre of Attention, Joana Vasconcelos, Dana Wyse, la
Biennale de Paris.

* Curated by: Caroline Bourgeois and Elisabeth Lebovici.

LE PLATEAU / FRAC Ile de France
Angle de la rue des alouettes et de la rue carducci 75019 Paris
Place Hannah Arendt
Tel : 01 53 19 84 10

Friday 13 June 2008


May 30 - July 6, 2008

A catalog is published along with this exhibition.

Eddie Martinez’s third solo show at LOYAL is an exhibition that works to stunning effect in terms of composition and execution. The show is comprised of fifteen new paintings all of which are rich with personal style and visual luxuriance.

Martinez’s painting is a way of recording the chaotic nature of life into paint, to be analyzed and observed later. What Martinez offers is not a theoretical concept that can be proven or disproved. Something more mysterious and inexplicable is happening here, based not in hard facts but in the very nature of the soft mutability of paint. Martinez navigates an ocean of information with instinctive talent, and defies the ability to pin down and clarify.

Martinez’s paintings come out of a practice of drawing that almost never stops, a steady outpouring of imagery. Filtering through the background noise of contemporary life and aligning it with the past, the references for a Martinez painting pop in from everywhere. The longer one spends with his works, the more one absorbs that this is a renegade paint form, and the constant movement is why Martinez paintings feel so fresh yet simultaneously classic.

Organizing his thoughts physically on the canvas, Martinez isn’t afraid to attack the surface with bold brushwork and then scrape away at and carve into it, obsessively adding and canceling, layer upon layer. Constant learning, from both art history and contemporary art activities, is absorbed into his character to the point of habit. Daily life ephemera, conversations, thoughts, ideas are all recorded in the paint, and his spontaneity gives the carefully worked paintings their raw feeling.

Martinez has developed his own distinct style with a personal iconography of recurring motifs that he both repeats and transmutes. Like his wild-eyed blockheads, monolithic figures that are at times cracked open by a sword, or joined by other blockheads in a gazing stack. Avoiding all pretension, a continuous story spreads out across his work, developing from one series to the next, while all the while reveling in the sheer beauty of the paint.

Eddie Martinez was born in 1977 and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. His most recent exhibition of paintings at ZieherSmith, New York was met with wide acclaim. His paintings and drawings have been featured in shows at the Athens Biennial, Blum & Poe, Los Angeles, Deitch Projects, New York, and Peres Projects, Berlin among others.

Thursday 12 June 2008


Rick Castro and Rodrigo Garcia Dutra arriving to George and Dragon

abravantion projection on the ceiling of the George

Abravanation Explosion inside White Cubicle

Eliete from Tetine and Rick Castro!

Cassia Tabatini and Cibelle Cavalli cutting the opening ribbon

Visitors inside the Cubicle!

Rick applying some abravanaglitter on Carlinha!

Rick and Carlinha abravanating at the George!

George and Dragon’s White Cubicle Toilet Gallery is pleased to invite you to an exhibition by Rick Castro: ABRAVANATION EXPLOSIONS........

Wednesday June 11, 2008. 8.00PM to 11.00PM
White Cubicle Toilet Gallery, George and Dragon Public House, 2 Hackney Road, London E2

abravanation links:

White Cubicle Toilet Gallery
George and Dragon Public House
2 Hackney Road, London E2