Monday 29 June 2009


i y mi objeto


i must, that interests me;
i interests, must say modernism
say, that me NOT AT
i that AT must ALL
i say modernism NOT AT
me, say must ALL that

controls, all outlines and
surfaces, the and the details
outlines, details the all, of
the perfectionist the dimensioning of
of the the dimensioning of
of the perfectionist, the all

from details about adjustment / refinement
the conquest, acme about hypersensitivity;
the of artistic about hypersensitive
comes refinement about details and
form; of refinement from adjustment
the pure form; an a

controls, dimensioning of and
perfectionist details, the outlines of
and the all detail control
details the controls, the dimensioning
of perfectionist controls all and
details of perfectionist of the

interests say NOT, i say
that me AT that, that
must, must me, say:
interests in modernism NOT, i say
must modernism say ALL ?
i say that ALL i


A a of its place
A a of and its
its never building style; its
building is product of its
building product its
place / time, a) its style never

not necessarily nature, developed of
nature, principles, nature of the
did not nature, to of
represent developed nature, of principles
did represent nature, but developed
did not necessarily nature, but

result of style a product
building product of and time,
never imposed style, the place
its an of a product
its place and never imposed
A building is a its

a) expression unmediated in forms”
a) in and developing a
expression a forms” method
in that a “free forms”
a forms” elicit a developing,
a spontaneous expression and a)

in methods elicit
spontaneous expression and developing
expression: “free art, spontaneous forms!”
to a spontaneous expression in
in method architecture a-forms”
in “free -seek spontaneous- forms!”

José Rojas (1978, Mexico City) lives and works in Mexico City. He has a BA in Architecture by the Universidad Iberoamericana and completed an MDes from the Design Academy Eindhoven. His work has been shown in the International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam, Tensta Konsthall, Sweden, and his Master's thesis Project developed at the EKWC (European Ceramic Work Centre ) was granted cum laude .
His work departs from a direct relationship with materials. Based on experimentation, his work does not stand on a clear idea of the results which allow him to develop projects as diverse as bricks that respond to various natural processes, moss and lichen carpets and upholstery, water walls or moldless concrete castings. A search for a new place in architecture outside the computer questioning the monotony and limits of 'style' and repetition, as well as contemporary architect's sophistication of the 'modern' formula. 
For his first solo show in Mexico, Rojas presents a series of exercises that have as a departing point the methods of Kurt Schwitters , Juan O'Gorman and Frank Lloyd Wright, in order to talk about a more intimate, imperfect and non definitive architecture.

Friday 26 June 2009


Guattari/Rolnik's 'Molecular Revolution in Brazil', guacamole and doritos, vodka-ginger ale and lemon, picnic table, garden, english summer

'We address ourselves to unconsciouses that protest. We seek allies. We need allies. And we have the impression that those allies already exist, that they did not wait for us, that there are many people who have had enough, who are thinking, feeling, and working in similar directions: they have nothing to do with a trend, but with a more profound 'spirit of the age,' in which convergent investigations are taking place in very different domains.'
pg 19

'What's important is to go on with our own networks and reinvent an international way of working that enables us to have access, in the least bad conditions possible, to the tremendous period that lies ahead - for better and for worse!'
pg 134

Wednesday 24 June 2009


domingo 21 junho : sunday june 21st : 2009

all tomorrow‘s parties / basso paulo #1

procissão do solstício das irmãs andarilhas do outropentágono

solstício de inverno em são paulo. nesta data cósmica, nos encontraremos no luxuoso esverdeado parque da água branca entre 2 e 3 da tarde. nós preparamos nossas vestes especiais, nossa comida e nossos acessórios. as 3 horas sairemos do parque, atravessaremos o minhocão e terminaremos nossa procissão na parte superior da praça roosevelt, aonde celebraremos o pôr-do-sol no dia mais curto do ano com conversas, danças, comidas e amor.

solstice procession by the sisters of the flaneurship of the otherpentagon

winter solstice in são paulo. on this cosmic date, we meet in the lush winter greenness of parque da água branca between 2 and 3pm. we prepare our special capes, our food and our accessories. at 3 we start moving out of the park, walk the entire elevative length of minhocão and finish our procession on the upper deck of praça roosevelt where we will celebrate the sunset of the shortest day of the year with talks, dances, food and love.

mehr info : more info

Tuesday 23 June 2009



miss u so much!

anyway, i just uploaded images of our solo show in oslo (our first solo in a museum ever!), check them out.

we are SUPER happy with the show, it turned out soooo beautiful. the inflatable slide is incredible and became such a hit with kids nonstop rolling it down. inside the labyrinth retrospective of wallpapers became at least for me something quite moving. while installing it all these different stories related to the different wallpapers - our first solo show with peres projects in san francisco in 2002, the whitney biennial from 2004, the ecstasy show at moca in la in 2005, our first solo show in ny in 2003 at deitch, etc etc. so much history and good memories related to all these pieces!

asparagus vegetables are fun

Monday 22 June 2009


Esther Planas and Maria Ines Rodriguez at Pablo's stall

Pablo's stall

Alexandre's stall

view of the event!

20 June 2009

12.00 - 5.30pm

Ways to take part:

book a stall - reserve your own pitch from which to swap experiences, services, artworks or items

bring your own - to enter the swapshop you must bring at least one thing to swap.

Featuring art works by Alexandre da Cunha available to swap.

Sunday 21 June 2009


Maria Ines Rodriguez sitting on a Lynn Chadwick sculpture

Mathieu Copeland in Cannary Wharf

by Michael Parsons
Curated by Mathieu Copeland

Saturday 20th June 2009
10.45 am – 12 noon

A one hour walk through Canary Wharf with live brass accompaniment of a sound composition written by Michael Parsons and site specific to Canary Wharf.

Echo Piece is an environmental sound work to be performed by a number of musicians, moving around and exploring the acoustic properties of an open-air space. Players with trumpets, horns and trombones will play short single notes, interspersed with silences, evoking echoes from reflective surfaces, in a variable, open-form, sparse and pointillistic texture of discrete sounds.

Echo Piece creates a spatial polyphony of multiple echoes, activating the sound-reflecting surfaces of buildings at different distances, revealing the elasticity of the surrounding medium. Canary Wharf is an ideal urban location for this event, having a series of open spaces surrounded by sound-reflecting surfaces, and being relatively free of traffic noise. Echo Piece will change the way these spaces are perceived and experienced, by exposing their latent acoustic potential.

“The space between buildings is also part of their architecture. Volumes, masses and voids ‘transmit’ and ‘receive’ messages from one another.”
Le Corbusier

Members of the public are invited to join the walk. Meet at Cabot Square at 11.00 am for the start. Times and places as follow:

10.45 am Cabot Square
10.50 Fishermans Walk ( waterside on north side of Cabot Square)
10.55 Willoughby Passage (covered passage from west end of Fishermans Walk)
11.00 return to Cabot Square
11.05 Cubitt Steps, leading to Mackenzie Walk
11.10 - 11.20 Mackenzie Walk to West Plaza
11.20 - 11.40 West Plaza
11.40 -11.45 walk through and along north side of Jubilee Park
11. 45 -12.00 Montgomery Square

Commissioned by Culture House at Arts and Business

Saturday 20 June 2009

Thursday 18 June 2009


the video programme of the night

the screening room

Angelo money and Ylva's home made vodka

the barmans

the hat maker

Marina Fokidis and King Iasson Tsakonas

Rodrigo Mallea Lira and Ylva Ogland

Momus and Hisae

Prince Javier Peres

the amateur boys playing at after party at AMP

ReMap2-Event (Wed 17 and Thurs.18 June, 2009)

YLVA OGLAND shows Snöfrid under the shadow of Athena
the Oracle said: the body is the shelter

In collaboration with the Keeper/Rodrigo Mallea Lira & Snöfrid’s Armor bearer Johan Hjerpe,
featuring artist ANGELO PLESSAS

Djs: Fotis B., Photoharrie, Cartoon Dandy, and other friends
curator Marina Fokidis, assistant curator Sofia Mavroudis

Drink Snöfrid’s own acropolitic mirror Vodka and reveal a secret in an open Celebration until last person leaves…
Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 June 2009, at 21:00 onwards…
Iassonos 8, Metaxourgio Athens.

Mirror Vodka
alcohol is deeper connection to the I
My Earthly twin Ylva Ogland
am I real now
My Armour Bearer Johan Hjerpe
where is the entrance
My Questioner Marina Fokidis
where is the art
My Keeper Rodrigo Mallea Lira
where is the Acropolis Stone
My Oracle
the stone is for connecting to all times
My Money Bearer Angelo
future past and present and beyond that to the other side
My Copper Distillery
mirror reality
My world is the other side of the mirror
welcome to enter through this liquid
Kunsthalle Athena

Exchange vodka with Angelo’s Money

Open Air Screening Room,
8 Iassonos Street Metaxourgio, Athens
Wed 17– Thu 18 June 2009
21.00 onwards