Sunday 31 October 2010


architect and gallerist Johann Wolfschoon from Diablo Rosso and Sketch, outside Diablo Rosso space

Diablo Rosso building in Panama City's Casco Antiguo

Diablo Rosso's gallery space, with an exhibition celebrating the gallery's 4th birthday, in which friends and artists were invited to bring a gift for the space

Diablo Rosso's birthday cake, bought by PLB at Dulcerama

Diablo Rosso's shop

Diablo Rosso's Pony Rosso Restaurant

Pony Rosso restaurant

and Sketch architecture office next door

visit Diablo Rosso's website and Sketch's website

Saturday 30 October 2010


The Panama Museum of Biodiversity, Panama City, Panama. Design began 1999, construction 2003, completion was scheduled for 2006...

museum's website

Wednesday 27 October 2010


view of Proyectos Sauna gallery before the exhibition

exhibition views

host of the night Mr. Juan Carlos Haag

Naufus Figueroa's chocolate covered frozen bananas

Naufus and banana

drawing by Radames 'Juni' Figueroa installed with chewing gum

drawing by Santiago Monge

'for worthy oral sex' by Clara Astiasaran

'Oral Exam', ruler by Paskal Dec

video by Natalia 'Bambi' Valencia

Juan Carlos Haag playing his tube

guests creating fog in the sauna

Master of Ceremonies Mr. Haag with dj Mrs. Valencia

Mr. Haag and Mr. de la Barra welcoming the guests and declaiming some Andean oral poetry

guests at the exhibition

Santiago Pinyol's smoke incense sculpture

smoke from the incense inside the sauna gallery

Smoke at the restaurant after Mr. Haag tried to light the chimney

Mr. Haag playing the piano at Tramonti's piano bar after the exhibition

view of restaurante Tramonti

an improvised exhibition at Proyectos Sauna Bogota under the instigation of Juan Carlos Haag, Juan Aramburo and Pablo Leon de la Barra
Located in a 1970s sauna within Tramonti Restaurant in La Calera neighbourhood of Bogota and combining the idea of the sauna, the spoken and sexual orality that develops within a sauna, and a relation to Bogota's Andean climate and context, guests are required to bring an oral work to the exhibition.
Restaurante Tramonti Carrera 1 #93-50, Vía La Calera
Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 8:00 pm

que encegueces mis sentidos,
cuando no estás conmigo.
que me persigue en mis noches de pecado;
me envuelve en su manto blanco
pon mortaja a mis angustias.
La niebla que me ama.

(poema encontrado en la web)

COVER: Toda persona debe llevar una obra oral (Como entienda lo que eso significa).

Nosotros no vendemos arte. Hacemos arte.

Tuesday 26 October 2010


San Moritz, cafe, bar and billiards, a classic bohemian and homosexual meeting place, since 1937
Calle l6, No. 7-91, Bogota

tropical painting at San Moritz

Club Billares Londres, Cra. 7 No. 21 - 94, 2nd floor, Bogota

Monday 25 October 2010


Colombia painting by Antonio Caro at Casas Riegner

Alberto Casas Santamaría, his daughter, gallerist Catalina Casas and artist Antonio Caro during the presentation of Antonio Caro's publication

Antonio Caro signing his retrospective publication 'Antes de Cuiaba' published by Casas Riegner

new Art Nexus exhibition space and artist studios, six floors in the centre of Bogota (second building to the right)

Art Nexus director Celia Birbragher with husband Leon

view of exhibition of Alejandro Castaño's collection at Art Nexus exhibition space

artist studio at Art Nexus studios

La Central gallerist Beatriz Lopez and artist Maria Isabel Rueda, waiting for the customers at the opening of the exhibition 'Somewhere in the Corner' with Jose Davila, Gonzal Lebrija and Stefan Bruggemann at La Central's new space

Jose Davila's work at La Central

Jose Davila's unfinished brick and neon sculpture at La Central

Stefan Bruggeman's vinyl text written in bad english at La Central

Gonzalo Lebrija's film at La Central

Jose Davila, Beatriz Lopez and Gonzalo Lebrija outside La Central

La Central gallerist Katy Hernandez next to Carlos Bonil's truck at La Central's booth at ArtBo fair

Radames 'Juni' Figueroa's 'Gin and Juice lying back with a boner in Tropical Paradise', naked autoportrait bed with erection and plants at Preteen's booth at ArtBo fair

Aramburo and Haag's space at La Otra

poster by Elkin Calderon at Aramburo and Haag, intervened by Calderon himself after being censored by the real estate company selling commercial spaces at the shopping centre of Hotel Continental where La Otra took place

Santiago Pinyol's cut cocaine molecules at his space at La Otra

Wilson Diaz from Helena Producciones giving a talk at La Otra

Santiago Pinyol outside La Agencia the artist run space he runs with other young artists in Bogota

meeting of artist run residencies from Latin America at La Agencia

LIA-Laboratorio Interdisciplinario para las Artes at la Candelaria neigbourhood in Bogota's centre

sculpture based on iron gate and window decorations by Luz Angela Lizarazo at LIA

Delcy Morelo's paintings at LIA

Eighteen century Colombian dead Nuns paintings at the collection of the Museo Nacional del Banco de la Republica

Fernell Franco's 'Amarrados' bound street sellers stalls, photographs from the 1980s at the collection of the Museo Nacional del Banco de la Republica

Miguel Angel Rojas' 'David', 2005, soldier mutilated by a landmine from the Colombian conflict, at the collection of the Museo Nacional del Banco de la Republica