Saturday, 23 October 2010


beautiful quinceañeras

hot cadets

Franklin Aguirre, curator of the Bienal de Venecia de Bogota, also master of ceremonies of the Quinceañera party

Quinceañera siting at the throne getting ready to get her shoes changed for high heels. Throne and giant shoes were done by participating artists.

view of the party

Mantelpiece designed by one of the participating artists with motifs relating to the life of each quinceañera

flower decorations

cake and mini sculptures, also the work of another artist

more of the artworks: diary, souvenirs, roulette...

Mariachis arriving

mariachi butt

and Sede Comunal Barrio Venecia, where the Biennale took place.

Last Saturday I was invited as one of the 3 judges of the 7th Bienal de Venecia de Bogota, Venecia being a working class neighbourhood to the south of Bogota, Colombia, where artist Franklin Aguirre has been realizing for the past 15 years a biennial where artists produce work in relation to the neighbourhood. As the biennial was 15 years old this year it was celebrated with a traditional Quinceañera party, where 15 girls of the neighbourhood who turned 15 this year were invited to celebrate their birthday in a grand party. Artists participating submitted projects which related to the quinceañeras and to the party! The exhibition was a party which was an exhibition which was a biennale.
Happy 15 Venice Biennale of Bogota!

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