Thursday 31 January 2008


Mustache on Mondays is the most exciting party I’ve been for a while.
It’s at the Charley Os bar in the Alexandria Hotel in the corner of 5th and Spring in downtown LA.
There's Dino Dinco and Josh Peace djing, midget latino gogo boys, circus-salsa performances, cholos and jotos a plenty and such.
Here are some pictures.

Friday 25 January 2008


Blow de la Barra Booth at Art LA

Matthieu Laurette: 'Certificate of Death' and ‘Apparition : Your name here’ contract

Matthieu Laurette 'Frieze vs. ArtForum'

Matthieu Laurette's 'Apparition : The Today Show, NBC, 31 December 2004'

Matthieu Laurette's 'I AM AN ARTIST', 1998, on going series, pen on hotel stationery.

Matthieu Laurette's 'I AM AN ARTIST', Hotel Costes, 1998

Eduardo Consuegra and Spencer Douglass

Justin and Yann

Manuela Viera Gallo (she showed with 24/7 gallery in the early years)

Matthieu Laurette and artist extraordinaire Lisa Marie (from Ed Wood, Mars Attacks! and Sleepy Hollow)

Jesse Green and David Waddington

Jesse Green and Brandon Herman

Monday 21 January 2008


What's left...
What remains?

6th International Symposium on Contemporary Art Theory
23 - 26 January, 2008

Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco (CCUT), Ciudad de Mexico
Ricardo Flores Magon 1, Col. Nonoalco - Tlatelolco
T (+52 55) 5597 4061

Director: Ute Meta Bauer

Wednesday, January 23rd
Condesa df Hotel (limited seating)

6:00 pm Evening Screenings

Territories by Isaac Julien
25 min, UK 1984
A Night of Prophecy by Amar Kanwar
77 min, India 2002

Thursday, January 24th
Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco

10:00 am Opening of the Clinics.
Limited seating. Information at

Introduction by Guillermo Santamarina
Clinics Director
Director Museo Experimental El Eco, Mexico City

Clinic 1
What's left?
Interlocutor: Vangelis Vlahos, Athens
Coordinator: Andrea Ferreyra
Artist and Professor, Mexico City

Clinic 2
Models for participating in culture;
independent and institutional platforms
Interlocutor Lee Weng Choy, Singapore;
Carles Guerra, Barcelona
Coordinator: Jorge Mungui­a
Education Curator, Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporaneo,
Mexico City

Clinic 3
Reconsidering "what's left?"
Interlocutor: Gediminas & Nomeda Urbonas, Vilnius Coordinator: Daniel Garza Usabiaga
Professor and Researcher, Mexico City

2:30-3:30 pm Screenings

4:00-4:30 pm Opening and Welcome to SITAC VI

Introduction by Ute Meta Bauer
Director of SITAC VI
Freelance Curator, Berlin and Associate Professor/Director of the Visual Arts Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

Panel 1
Theme: What's left?
Moderator: Ute Meta Bauer

SITAC VI takes place at CCUT, the institution commemorating the 1968 Tlatelolco Massacre. What's left? not only questions how Neoliberalism affects cultures all over the globe, but asks what'left of the 1968 Student Movement and its impact on society? And what's left of the Gramscian notion of the artist as organic intellectual?

4:30 pm Keynote David Harvey
Geographer and Social Theorist,
The Graduate Center CUNY, New York

5:45 pm Yvonne P. Doderer
Gender Studies and Urban Research, Professor at University of Applied Sciences, Dusseldorf

6:15 pm Oliver Marchart
Political Theory and Media Studies Research, Assistant Professor at the University of Luzern

6:45 pm Santiago Garci­a Navarro
Critic and Independent Curator,
Buenos Aires

Friday January 25th
Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco

10:00 am Clinics

2:30-3:30 pm Screenings

Panel 2
Theme: What's left out?
Moderator: Ery Camara
Curator, Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso,
Mexico City

What's left out? focuses on investigations by cultural acteurs and producers, shedding light on what has been hidden, as well as re-evaluating archives, opening closed doors and unwrapping what seems forgotten. What's left out? questions the "authority" of those writing history and engages in how histories can be told differently.

4:00 pm Isaac Julien
Artist and Filmmaker, London

4:30 pm Amar Kanwar
Artist and Filmmaker, New Delhi

5:00 pm Emily Jacir
Artist, Palestine and NYC

6:15 pm Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, Architect Katherine Carl, Curator
Founders of NAO (Normal Architecture Office), and the School
of Missing Studies, Philadelphia

6:45 pm Vangelis Vlahos
Artist, Athens

7:15 pm Carla Fernández
Founder of FLORA, Fashion Designer, Mexico City

Saturday, January 26th
Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco

Panel 3
Theme: What remains (to be done)?
Moderator: Osvaldo Sanchez
Director Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City

What is the mandate of cultural 'acteurs' and producers today? What is the role of public art institutions? Whose voice and (his)story do they represent? What remains (to be done)? We suggest the reconstitution of a space for (political?) criticism and public discourse.

10:00 am Keynote John Beverley
Cultural Theorist and Professor
for Latin American Literature,
University of Pittsburgh

11:00 am Carles Guerra
Artist and Curator/Critic, Barcelona

11:30 pm Gediminas and Nomeda Urbonas
Artists, Vilnius

12:45 pm Gabriela Rangel
Curator and Director of Visual Arts
at the Americas Society, NYC

1:15 pm Lee Weng Choy
Curator and Artistic Director
at Substation, Singapore

1:45 pm Joan Jonas
Artist, NYC and Professor of Performance
at M.I.T., Cambridge

Monday, January 28th
Opening of the Exhibition

La Coleccion Jumex : New acquisitions
Curated by Michel Blancsube
Fundacion/Coleccion Jumex

Programa sujeto a cambios
Conferencias en ingles y espanol (interpretacion simultanea disponible)

Program subject to changes
Conference language is Spanish and English (simultaneous translation available)

Comite asesor
Ery Camara
Osvaldo Sanchez
Guillermo Santamarina
Patricia Sloane


Patronato de Arte Contemporaneo
Av. de las Palmas 820, Piso 3
Lomas de Chapultepec
T (+52 55) 5284 0360 ext. 395

Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco
Ricardo Flores Magon 1
Col. Nonoalco - Tlatelolco
T (+52 55) 5597 4061

Museo Rufino Tamayo
Paseo de la Reforma
y Gandhi s/n
Bosque de Chapultepec
T (+52 55) 5553 9375

Tuesday 15 January 2008



The exhibition Looks Conceptual… brings together works from artists who appropriate the language and production methods of various fields of design including fashion, furniture and digital design. The interface between art and design is not a new subject. On the contrary, it dates back to at least the beginning of modernism in the late 19th century. Its history can be traced in the texts of British critic John Ruskin and the designer and artist William Morris, and in several 20th century avant-garde movements such as Soviet Constructivism, De Stijl and Bauhaus. These movements responded in different ways to the technological and political implications of industrialisation. However, with this in mind, Looks Conceptual…is not intended as a historical survey of the incestuous relationship between art and design. Rather, it brings together works from a new generation of artists who incorporate different elements of design in their artistic practice in order to explore issues pertaining to both private and public everyday life. In this sense, it is an overview of the possibilities of dialogue and the overlapping of these disciplines at the beginning of this century, in which the limits of art have already been extensively tested and in which design has come to increasingly permeate our daily interactions.

The first section of the exhibition title was borrowed from a homonymous work from the series Show Titles, by Mexican-born London-based Stefan Brueggemann. In his works, Brueggemann often explores the legacy of conceptual art, particularly in the American 1960s, employing a tautological language in his adhesive vinyl texts that function as independent artworks in the exhibition space. These are works which not only explore the physical aspect of printed design – in this case, typography – but also create a whole network of relationships which raise, amongst others, questions about how ideas are transformed into artworks.
In fact, the works presented in Looks Conceptual… explore design as the interface for a wide network of everyday relationships, transactions, and negotiations. One of the themes raised by both the Swedish duo Goldin+Senneby and the Brazilian duo Leandro Lima and Gisela Motta is the tension between relationships emerging from virtual and real space. Goldin+Senneby will show the series Objects of Virtual Desire, in which they physically build virtual objects originally designed by the users of the website Second Life. Lima and Motta create physical prototypes of firearms used in some of the most popular combat videogames worldwide.
Design as the concrete manifestation of desire is an idea which also appears in the work The Technical Vocabulary of an Interior Decorator, by the duo Los Super Elegantes. Mixing music and performance, the Los Angeles-based artists have created an ironic play in which an interior decorator with a very unorthodox methodology tries to satisfy the projected desires of her client. São Paulo artist João Loureiro, whose practice is strongly connected with interior design, will present a new piece which encapsulates the male desire for virility materialised through racing motorcycles. His stylised, aerodynamic sculpture is made of a soft material which contrasts with the original desire.

Looks Conceptual… will also present works which deal with different aspects of design, employing a range of strategies including infusing fashion and product design with a political stance or furniture design with surrealism. Reflecting the many possibilities of approximation between art and design, the exhibition aims to foreground the increasing influence of design on contemporary life and to discuss its implications and impact.

Artists: Stefan Brüggemann, Marcelo Cidade, Rommulo Conceição, Detanico and Lain, Los Super Elegantes, Marcius Galan, Maurício Ianês, João Loureiro, Rodrigo Matheus, Leandro Lima and Gisela Motta, Nicolás Robbio, Goldin+Senneby, SUPERFLEX, Carla Zaccagnini amongst others. An essay by curator Kiki Mazzucchelli will be published at the occasion of the exhibition.

About Kiki Mazzucchelli:
Education – PhD in Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College, London, UK, 2004-ongoing. MA in Art History, Goldsmiths College, London, UK, 2000-2002. Recent Publications - Doris Salcedo, “Shibboleth”, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern – ArteContexto, Spain, 2007. “Art as Project”, Revista Arte e Pensamento, São Paulo, 2007. “Gambiarra as Political Assemblage in Contemporary Brazilian Art”, Arts Journal, USA, 2007.

OPENING: January 18, 2008 at 8pm.
January 19 to February 16 2008.
Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 7pm. Saturday 11am to 5pm.
Galeria Vermelho
ARua Minas Gerais, 350 – 01244010 – São Paulo – SP – +11 32572033