Saturday, 5 January 2008


Los Super Elegantes
Fla and Flu (Where is the Whisky?)
DV onto DVD
Duration 8’
Edition of 5 + 2 AP

Against the remarkable backdrop of Burne-Jones Boticelli’s Primavera tapestry, William Morris’ carpets, Van Dyck portraits and Gimson’s magnificent chandeliers Los Super Elegantes latest video takes us to the heart of the English countryside in Cotswold. Surrounded by the relics of the Arts and Crafts heritage, Fla and Flu follows a charming yet decadent aristocrat couple occupied in their daily tasks, from taking a stroll to the nearby cemetery to wandering around the stable. The slow and melodic rhythm of the music that accompanies the main characters throughout the day abruptly breaks up into funk carioca when the night falls and all the guests arrive to join a banquette crammed with an exquisite repertoire of friends that will brighten up the evening.

Strained in a world of their own, Fla and Flu recalls the claustrophobic atmosphere of Luis Buñuel’s The Exterminating Angel,
which was originally conceived to be filmed in England. The video clip masters the art of pastiche introducing constant allusions to other iconic films. With its extraordinary settings and the eccentricity of all the characters that drop in and out the scene, Fla and Flu constitutes a fabulous account of quintessential, aristocratic and eccentric English country life.

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