Sunday 19 January 2014


Two Hotel, a project by Fabian Marti in Piracanga, Brazil

Fabian Marti

TwoHOTEL is a project by Swiss artist Fabian Marti. It has been built in February 2013 on Piracanga Beach in Bahia, Brazil with the aim of creating a hotel for artists.

The architecture, furniture and ceramic tableware are all designed and handmade by the artist and follow his conceptual line.

The house and furniture were build within the very short timespan of three weeks by Fabian Marti with the help of a carpenter and two local workers. For the lack of an electrical supply only basic tools were used.

The main component of the architecture and furniture is it‘s material: a cheap plywood called "Maderite" which is used throughout Brazil for basic needs in the building industry and normally not applied for housing. It‘s typical pink tint is the hallmark of TwoHOTEL.

The architectural structure is in line with the materiality of the Maderite sheets. Twelve of them constitute the front wall of the building. They can be opened and closed individually like flaps and take the function of windows and doors at the same time. This front side of the architecture is aligned with the nearby ocean front and a small river dividing the beach from the property of TwoHOTEL.

TwoHOTEL is designed as a place where two people can stay and work for a specific time. The space is big enough to be used as a studio such as habitation.

The idea of a hotel as a creative act is inspired by Alighero Boetti‘s One Hotel which he maintained in Kabul in the Sixties. However TwoHOTEL has a different focus as it is specifically aimed as a hotel for artists. Rather than functioning on an institutional or commercial level it is advertised on a word of mouth-level and very much based on the condition of friendship and artistic appraisal. The structure has been designed by one artist for others to fill, develop and live it and thereby keep it alive.

Wednesday 15 January 2014


Welcome to Santiago de Chile. Pictured here the Palacio de la Moneda. It was here that on September 11, 1973, a U.S.-supported military coup d’etat against democratically elected socialist president Salvador Allende took place. What followed was 17 years of dictatorship, repression, and “stability” under general Augusto Pinochet, whose rule ended only in 1990.

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