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Press Release Badly Translated from Italian by Google!:

Milena Muzquiz
While I think you see yourself this
28th October - 1st December

At his first Italian Milena Muzquiz has a collection of works gathered for the first time in a project conducted over the last year in Palermo. Famous worldwide for his musical performances with Martina Lopez-Crozet, along with Los Super Elegantes, Milena Muzquiz embodies a combination of visual art and drama, it moves on the vague border between art music and the universe. Her seductive dance and march on the stage, backed by hard-pop rhythms, Martin suddenly lover, fighter, action theatrical counterpart to music in salsa punk-psychedelic, almost neo-Dadaist.Together they are the duo who, with a deliberately amateurish style, low-fi, ply the international scene for many years, performing on numerous occasions, dall'Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, the Whitney Biennial in New York, from special projects with Assume Vivid Astro Focus, the Frieze Fair in London.

Precisely because of its eclecticism, the work of Milena Muzquiz is not within the traditional aesthetic categories, classifications and escapes the constraints of form and content, show an attitude that is identified in the act of performing, in disguise amateur deliberately, in a pop music genre territory and it becomes an instrument of direct communication with a wide audience, but also in the creation of works for various technical and language. From these contours it is possible to trace the ways of research developed over the years writing lyrics, staging stories, improvisations, creating sculptures, objects, scenery for their musical performances, but also eccentric clothing and masks to be worn like a tableaux vivant .The individual stories often merge with the life that leads an artist, so the recent move to Palermo SSW is doubtful inevitable outcome artistic identity of the artist of Mexican descent. Make visible the multiplicity of suggestions really lived, as well as those just imagine, is the experience gained in the exhibition. While I think you see yourself this, a sort of manifesto, which is the expression through which leads the production of a series of sculptures, objects, wall installations gathered in two environments, they are bound together by the background sound of the music written and interpreted by the vibrant voice of the artist. In turn, the audio tracks are recorded on an environmental noise, such as street noise kidnapped soon brings our attention to moments of stunning, or as the performer on stage to feel not alone, embraced by the public clamor.

The project is designed to Domani, a Palermo Tomorrow, in Palermo there are various levels of reading, by reference to the work of one of the masters of Italian conceptual, slightly more personal reflection, but also to a position of a political nature, as a further act of extreme and original freedom of expression. Among these references, the tribute to the work of De Dominicis, the concept of invisibility and intangibility, declined over the whole artistic experience of the artist Marche. This is a work of De Dominicis, with self-evident evidence Milena Muzquiz transforms wall installation of ceramic letters in the caption of the macroscopic re-nactment of Statue, the work that Gino De Dominicis exhibited in 1979 in Rome, along with ten other sculptures all in a vertical position, which manifest themselves only through the "tracks": a hat and a pair of shoes.

So Milena Muzquiz reaffirms the freedom of poetic quotation, to reform the theme of absence and memory, and as invisible as a continuous present, staging their own clues to something else, or someone else. Memory of a night of alcohol, a boulder from the magmatic nature of changing surface, a concentration of impulses, emotions, memories that resurface in an abstract form and overtly anti-aesthetic, whose base is an object and decidedly post-modern pop.

Under the sea is a ceramic sculpture, covered with the remains of shellfish, shells, small objects accumulated to form a totem, or something similar to a ziggurat prodigious emerged from the depths. Phantasmagoric aesthetics, kitsch, as in certain sculptures of Sicilian Baroque, underlies the practice of layering, of assembly, freedom of composition.

The works of Milena Muzquiz, as the texts of his songs, are accompanied by written texts and placed at the base of the sculptures on the walls, floor and all around the space that houses the works and words. In a glass case visible from both sides, a children's dress embroidered by the artist, is a metaphorical statement to live and let live without conditions, with the same attitude with which the artist often comes back to claim the freedom to create. The work is called Liberate your kids and is dedicated to small Leone, and the experience of motherhood experienced firsthand by the artist, as a source of reflection on the balance between mother and child, and more widely among individuals and conventions that govern relations. Finally, the invitation to press for a "theater piece for empty seats" simply a joke, stop action, where the chairs for possible action inadoperate remain permanently, because the I am inviting is a prayer not to be there, or maybe better just a prayer.

Text by Laura Barreca
Freely translated by google translate

Milena Muzquiz was born in Tijuana in 1974. He lives and works in Palermo and Los Angeles.

Photos of James D'Aguanno and David Waddington

Francesco Pantaleone Gallery:

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