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Teatro Nacional Ruben Dario, Managua, inaugurated in 1969, a project of Hope Portocarrero, wife of dictator Tachito Somoza to celebrate the 100th birth date of the Nicaraguan Modernist poet. The theatre survived the 1972 earthquake, the fall of Somoza, the Sandinista government... Location of the VII Central American Bienal

tank painting outside the theatre by Darvin Rodríguez

Edgar Leon, map of Central America made out of words found in the national hymns of Central American countries, in the background a soundtrack made of the mix of the different hymns

Joaquin Rodriguez del Paso, melting dictators, paintings

artist known as Habacuc: Sandino's name written using very big letters, Ortega's name written next to it using very small letters

artist known as Habacuc: person without higher education, walking outside the Universidad Centroamericana with stilt shoes made out of piled books on topics regarding social exclusion

Yasmin Hage, reconstruction in scale 1:2 of Aldea Modelo, a military model village built in Guatemala's border with Mexico in 1984, on the grounds of La Tecnica a civilian settlement destroyed by the military in 1983

Regina Galindo, 'Punto Ciego', video in which she stands naked in a pedestal and is touched by blind people inside the exhibition room

balloons with the portraits of Latin American dictators and USA presidents by Joaquín Rodríguez del Paso

visitors to the opening of the Bienal, carrying their balloons

exhibition view

Alberto Rodriguez, shanty house constructed out of rubbed etched drawings done from remains of existing shanty houses

poet Ruben Dario (left) and revolutionary Augusto Sandino (right)

model of the Ruben Dario theater

Ruben Dario bust

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