Thursday, 4 October 2007


Jogo Transparente (Transparent Game) is one of the works in the show. It is, as the descriptive title already makes quite clear, a transparent deck of cards. This work was first presented at the exhibition 'This is not a Love Song' (Galeria Vermelho, Sao Paulo, 2006), and it is now on show in Buenos Aires, as part of the exhibition 'Vida Pública' (Public Life). I really like the idea of it being in such different contexts, being read in these different ways. What I like about it is that it is a very simple thing, a very small change into something we all know that obliges us to rethink our strategies and our position. Games are the social spaces in which rules become more evident. Here the rules are not changed, you can play the same games, but the possibility of bluffing is taken away. So what happens to a game when you cannot hide what you have anymore? In this exhibition, I am more interested in the tense situation of you knowing each other’s cards, you seeing the card you need in your rival's hands reciprocally, and at the same time knowing that you probably won't have it, even it being so close.

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