Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Kingsgate Workshops Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the show 'Music for Patters' and 'The Way Things are Held' by the homonymous group Music for Patterns and Cassia Tabatini.

For their first UK solo exhibition, MFP have created a striking site-specific installation which plays with the viewers' perception of the architectural space. The gallery is entirely covered with vibrating optical patterns, which in some points protrude from the walls. Visitors are invited to wear the patterned overalls specially designed for blending into this abstract-geometrical space whilst their sensory experience is enhanced by a soundtrack especially created for this work. When entering this completely immersive environment, our senses are destabilised by the distorting illusions provoked by these images, prompting us to look for new ways of understanding the surrounding space.

MFP's work is rooted on the Latin American legacies of geometric abstraction and experimentalism, employing current technologies to further these lines of research. Similarly to avant-garde artists such as Julio Le Parc, Carlos Cruz-Diez and Hélio Oiticica, invest geometry with life, expanding it to space and inviting viewers to have a purely sensorial experience. ‘Music for Patterns’ is Melissa Duarte, Pipa and Ricardo Milho.

Meanwhile, photographer , editor Cassia Tabatini is showing some of her recent photographs in which geometry becomes organic as it is brought into life through subversive and absurd interventions in the cityscape.

The models/participants are always interacting with materials, such as ( plastic, textile, paper, etc.) investigating not only their proprieties ( colour, texture, weigh, resistance), but also the human nature, touch and emotions.

With video collaborations from Rick Castro (ABRAVANATION-TATE) and Rodrigo Dutra (GOSMAAQUATICA).

Music For Patterns and The Way Things Are Held
Kingsgate Workshops Gallery - 110 to 116 Kingsgate Rd, London, NW6 2LG - 020 7328 7878 - West Hampstead tube and overground station - 10/07 to 27/07 - Thursday to Sunday from 12pm to 6pm - free entry.


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