Sunday, 17 August 2008


Dear friends and colleagues

I have started a new hobby in the last couple of months!
It is a line of souvenirs and it is called KRAZYCHIC.
I haven't stopped taking photographs, quite the opposite actually.
I have been shooting all over the world and you can see the results on my site and also on my blog!

KRAZYCHIC souvenirs features some of my favorite images, art work and a crafty logo.
You can buy thongs, t-shirts, hats, dog outfits, baby outfits, mugs and much more.
The quality is reasonable and the prices very affordable!
I personally recommend the stein mugs, hats and tote bags!
All the products are available online at:
Everything is delivered worldwide!

This is what some people are saying:

"Fine quality and unbeatable prices!"
"Art for everyone!"
"I got one of every coffee mug. I am so happy!"
"This is Krazy! But, oh! It is so Chic."
"My sex life has improved 100% after I got some thongs!"
"My dog is so proud of his new outfit"
"I am always late for appointments but now I smile when I look at the time"
“Buying Krazy Chic products changed my life. I have finally found happiness"

I hope you enjoy it wholeheartedly!

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