Friday, 31 October 2008


Galería Sentimental

Tensta Konsthall presents the Paris-based curatorial bureau
Toasting Agency and the exhibition Galería Sentimental, to open
on November 1st 2008 and run until February 15th 2009.

Diego Berruecos
Mariana Castillo Deball
Miguel Calderón
Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda
Daniel Guzman
Karl Holmqvist
Adriana Lara
Xavier Maria y Campos
Fabrizio Leon Mejia
Ricardo Nicolayevsky
Perros Negros
José Rojas
Michael Roy

Conceived somewhere between Europe and Mexico, Galería Sentimental
is a non-representative exhibition showing international artists
both Mexican and non-Mexican. Among other qualities, the works
share a certain self-irony and a chaotic multi-layering, something
they have in common with the country that serves as the backdrop
for this particular event, Mexico.

The focus of this exhibition is on how some contemporary artists,
thought of as explorers or tourists in society, navigate between
the anarchic signs, imagery and tales that a place like Mexico
keeps producing both nationally and internationally. It looks at
how this raw material can be appropriated both as an imaginary
and concrete ground from which to develop artistic practices and
agendas that extend beyond contextualized interpretation.

The artworks and interventions presented at Tensta Konsthall
tackle with various formats and disciplines, ranging from
exhibition design (with a specific intervention in the space
of Tensta Konsthall by architect and designer José Rojas),
sculpture (Adriana Lara), photojournalism (Diego Berruecos,
Fabrizio Leon Mejia) and anthropological research (Mariana
Castillo-Deball, Miguel Calderón).

The exhibition will also reconstitute excerpts of the ongoing
curatorial project initiated by Perros Negros, from which the
title of the exhibition is borrowed*. And in order to further
confront or entertain mythologies and fantasies, the exhibition
also includes works produced around the trope of Mexico by Europe
based artists Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda, Karl Holmqvist and
Michael Roy.

*Galería Sentimental is a project initiated by the Mexico City
production office Perros Negros at Galeria Comercial in San Juan,
Puerto Rico, in 2006.

Tensta Konsthall
Taxingegränd 10
163 04 Spånga
Stockholm, Sweden

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