Wednesday, 8 April 2009


assume vivid astro focus & Yorgos Sapountzis
ancient vagrancy appolonian Futurism
(translated from german with google language tools)

27.03. - 17.05.2009
Opening on Friday 27 March 2009, 19 clock

The Kunstverein Arnsberg is pleased to announce the exhibition "Human Animals sensations" to be able to present.

The artist assume vivid astro focus (Brazil / France) and the Greek artist Yorgos Sapountzis develop the first time a project together. The exhibition with the subtitle "ancient vagrancy appolonian Futurism" transforms the spaces with site-interference to a temple of passion. The Art Association is the total work of art, with the chaos of our first encounter unknown order.

Every day we are attacked with information that we do not always want to know. Every day we dream of a peaceful world in which joy and love reign. The unrealized utopias of our society we are trying but in the context of art to realize, by the existential problems that exceed the limits of everyday life and take a new form. Time and space merge with artists and visitors in a range of colors and invite to the collective experience.

The magnificent exhibition invites the limits of our perception, and gives us a visual spectacle, which all the senses to activate interview. The attempt is to orientate, may fail, but this is just irritating to continue to seek knowledge. Passion, curiosity and fear intersect with the longing for love and freedom, to the pleasure of the heart of desire to move.

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  1. i love this press release... it makes me happy... almost happier than the installation.