Sunday, 1 November 2009


María Inés Rodríguez outside MUSAC (photos by Andreas Angelidakis)

Starting November 2009, María Inés Rodríguez will be Chief Curator of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León (Spain). During 2008-2009, she was the Curator of the Satellite Programme at Jeu de Paume (including exhibitions with Mario Garcia Torres, Vasco Araujo, Agathe Snow, Irina Botea, Andreas Angelidakis and Angelo Plessas, and a series of conversations with Cuauhtemoc Medina, Magali Arriola, Sofia Hernandez Chung, Julieta Gonzalez, Pablo Leon de la Barra, Lisette Lagnado and Tania Bruguera) as well as the Editor of the French art publication Point d’Ironie in Paris (founded in 1997 by agnès b., Christian Boltanski and Hans-Ulrich Obrist) where she edited publications with Robert Crumb, Carlos Cruz Diez, Koo Jeong-A and Walid Raad. Since 2008, she is Curator of the Berezdivin Collection –Espacio1414- in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since 2006, she is also part of the Artist Pension Trust Latin America’s curatorial committee.

As an independent curator and art critic, she has worked on exhibitions and research projects on the strategies of appropriation of the public space in different spaces of contemporary art, which relate to art, design, architecture and urbanism. In 2007 and 2008 she curated Sueño de Casa Propia (with Pablo Leon de la Barra) which was exhibited at BAC/Centre de Art Contemporaine/Geneve, Casa Encendida/Madrid, Casa del Lago/Mexico City and Vimcorsa/Cordoba, Spain. In 2007 she was also co-curator of the Encuentro de Medellin Biennale with among other curators Jose Roca, Oscar Munoz, and Jaime Ceron. Interested in printed editions, she has organized public lectures and exhibitions related to this topic, creating in 2004 Tropical Paper Editions to develop artists’ edition projects. She has also published the newspapers Instant City and Bogotham City.

Maria Ines Rodriguez was born in Colombia in 1968. Ms. Rodriguez studied Fine Arts at the University de Los Andes in Bogota and did a post-graduate degree at the Ecole Superieure d'Art Visuel in Geneva. Other exhibition projects include Bocas de Ceniza/ Juan Manuel Echavarria, and Cuando el Río Suena/Ma. Angélica Medina at the Alliance Francaise, Bogota; 100% Colombia Urbaine, Paris; Moderno Salvaje/Alexander Apostol at the Commercial Gallery, San Juan; De lo Mismo a lo de Siempre: Informal Strategies for the Appropriation of Public Space at UNIA Sevilla; Instant City, Instituto de Mexico, Paris; From Representation to Action at ExTeresa/Mexico City, Le Plateau/Paris and Planetario/Bogota; Silenciosamente, Contemporary Art Center of Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela; Yes, En Cualquier Lugar Puede Suceder with M&M projects in PR02 in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Lost Illusions at the V Biennal del Caribe, Museo de Arte Moderno in Santo Domingo. She has been awarded following grants: Fondation Patiño - Ville de Genève in 1994, American Center Foundation in 2006, and a residency at the Apex Art Center in New York in 2007.

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