Sunday, 13 December 2009


Patron Silver Reindeer
A series of communal Christmas Feasts by Bistrotheque with set designed by Gary Card

Mandarin & Pomegranate Patrón Tequila Cobbler
Spicy Patrón Silver Reindeer
Dressed crab, rye bread, mayonnaise, red salsa, taco chips
Calves liver parfait, Melba toasts
Mixed beets and orange salad, horseradish cream
Spiced, glazed Christmas ham
Skewered, drunken quails, maple syrup, pecans
Pheasant leg with honey
Celeriac and mushroom dauphinoise
Roast carrots & parsnips, Agave nectar
Patrón Tequila Moonrise Sorbet
Chocolate tart, salted caramel pistachios
Patrón Café XO Alexander
Dark chocolate & Patrón Tequila Reposado
Red wine and water available throughout, along with Patrón Tequila for sipping

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