Sunday, 28 December 2014


Smiljan Radic's renovation of the Chilean Museum of Precolombian Art in Santiago, Chile, located in the old Royal Custom's house

the covered arcade of the building serves as an internal street

the main patio contains the museum's shop inside a cristal box, the cafe, and the ticket counter, all under a plastic air bubble ceiling

the second patio is open to the air, and contains different usable rock sculptures

up to the archeological corridors, down to the exhibition bunker

up the stairs to the American continent archeological rooms

the corridors and rooms upstairs exhibiting archeological relics from other cultures of the continent, including Inca and Maya

and down the dark stairs to the new extension, the Chile before Chile room, an anthropological bunker designed by Smiljan Radic containing precolombian treasures of the territory now known as Chile, which exist as illuminated by their aura within the architectonic penumbra

and amazing Quipus in the main exhibition room

Smiljan Radic
Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino
Extension and Refurbishment
Santiago, Chile 2014

See proper architecture photos by Cristobal Palma here

with thanks to Irene, Elodie and Alfonso from Chaco Art Fair for their invitation to Santiago

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