Thursday, 3 April 2008


Adriana Lara
Cosas / Things
Opening April the 3rd to May 31 2008
Durango 204 Col Roma
5255/ 55251435
Gallery Hours Tuesday to Saturday 12 to 18 hr

About the problem as a creative phenomenon

There are 6 artworks reproduced in post cards for the invitation to this exhibition. One which idolizes human beauty, one which simulates reality, one which shows technological sophistication, one which depicts the defeat of man over nature, one which illustrates the Apocalypse, and the last one a random sketch.

In «Things» at Gaga Gallery, like in the case of Art film 1: Ever present yet ignored, A Problem Has Occurred and 380°, Adriana Lara uses again the exhibition/curatorial format to talk about the inherent subjectivity to every human being and the struggle to obtain a truth that is impossible to achieve.

«Things» stresses the objective /subjective status of culture, through speaking of the moment were a thing stops being a thing and is turned into art, and the moment in which, through the ascription of determined uses and distant readings, art could change back into a thing. From this possibility, the artist speculates with her own defeat.

The exhibition includes a complete edition of a work, a live logo, a screen saver, a new version of a shoe box, a video and two ready mades: the natural and artificial. The museography is eliminated as much as possible, lining up every work upon one wall with the exception of an image that is projected towards the opposite side of the room, which intends to put the seriousness of «Things» through the looking glass.

Adriana Lara 1978 , lives and works in Mexico City. Her work has been shown at Palais de Tokyo , Galería Comercial Puerto Rico, Air de Paris, among others. She is directress of Perros Negros and editor of PAZMAKER quarterly art publication.

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