Monday, 16 February 2009


Diego Berruecos
PRI : Genealogy of a Party
Opening Saturday February 7th from 12:00 to 4pm
Exhibition open until March 28th.

Born in Mexico City, 1979, Diego Berruecos studied his BA at the London College of Printing. His work, consisting mainly of long-term photographic projects, often begins with a simple idea. This idea develops and transforms into an interesting documentation of socio-political research and, thanks to the artist's input, eventually appears to have no connection at all with the original idea itself.

For his second solo show in Mexico City, Berruecos reveals the result of his ongoing research on the PRI, Partido Revolucionario Institucional, the political party that governed Mexico for over 60 years.

Through both the first and the second part of the project (compiled of reading material, archives and images taken by Diego), the artist presents us with an investigation that could be deemed futile, senseless and unnecessary.

What can be said that has not been mentioned before about this political institution?
How can one 'enter' such an incomprehensible subject through the medium of photo?
What is Diego's viewpoint on all these matters?
Such questions arise when one talks about the PRI and its history leaving us to ponder whether (or not) they are answered through the artist's work.

"Although talking about the PRI might seem repetitive, approaching it through photography might help solve the complex puzzle of Mexico's history. Genealogía de un partido, reveals, through archive and unprecedented images, a visualization of myths, common sayings, and stories that reflect historic problems still in existence today and clearly reveal the way in which a political party functions and in many ways, Mexico itself.

What is exhibited here is the result of an ongoing investigation that has the PRI as its core subject. This research provides us with a branching of images from its conception to the present day through an analysis of its policies in language, landscape, collective memory and architecture.

Due to the extensive nature of such a subject, this collection of images focuses more on the obvious ways in which the PRI has obtained acceptance and dominion in society. Therefore the structure of this genealogy will continue to change and grow in personal and fortuitous ways.
The political omnipresence of the PRI is reflected throughout the country and often goes unnoticed just as many of the pictures in this exhibition depict.

Images of the glorification of a party or a politician captured in a monument, a movie star or a football match; images that show the physical prescence of the party and its unceasing dynamics."

Diego Berruecos, January 2009, Mexico City.

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