Monday, 13 July 2009


Daytoday for Los Angeles
Barter Exchange Project with Carolina Caycedo

Event: Daytoday for Los Angeles
Location: Various locations in Los Angeles, including g727 as event base on selected dates.
Onsite Dates: Family Barter Days @ g727 on July 17 & 18 and July 31& August 1, 2009: Friday – Saturday 1-6 pm
Offsite Dates: Ongoing throughout Los Angeles – July 1 – August 5, 2009

Daytoday is an ongoing public network of personal exchanges that offers alternative ways of meeting business and personal needs- without using money. Daytoday was started by Carolina Caycedo in 2002 and has toured cities like Vienna, Bogotá, London, Sevilla, North Adams, New York and San José. From July 1 to August 4, 2009 it will be operating in Los Angeles, exchanging and bartering all kinds of values. Take a look at the bartering lists, and match your necessities with Carolina’s. If you don’t find what you need, or what you can give, you can always propose a new barter.

Note: Throughout the duration of the program, Carolina will travel around Los Angeles creating a network of personal exchanges through the barter system.

Get in touch at cell number: 323 434 3460
For more information go to

Spanish conversation sessions
Production assistance
Film an event
Cook a meal
Groceries shopping
Transport persons to the airport, doctor
beach, etc.
Transport commodities (pick up and delivery)
Follow someone
Answer emails
Video editing
Artist book (Marc Emery Almanac 2009)
Shanty Sounds CD (2003)
A drawing
Swimming lessons
Tell you a secret
Whatever personal belongings I have with me
Discuss contemporary art
Try and explain Colombia’s political situation
Reggaeton MP3s
Take pets for a walk
Pay a visit
Paint a room or a fence
Give advice from my point of view
Audio transcription
Pose for an artwork
Sing a song
Tips about Puerto Rico
Image scanning and data archiving
Lecture about my art practice
Flyer and poster design
English to Spanish translations

Snorkeling partner
Movie, concert or theater tickets
International telephone card
Used laptop
Digital Camera
A place to live
City tour
Invite to a party
Web page design
Document performance on August 1st
Digital audio recorder
Tips about LA
Try and explain California’s economical situation
French lessons
Take me somewhere beautiful
Fresh fruit
MP3 player
Write an article on my work
Surf lessons

About Carolina:
Born 1978, London, England; lives and works in Isabella, Puerto Rico. Carolina Caycedo responds to the effects of global capitalism with a practice rooted in processes of communication, movement, and exchange. Her varied projects— from street actions and itinerant markets to public marches— all germinate in dialogues with communities outside of the art world, and her works invariably refer back to the culture and economy of the street.

About g727:
g727 seeks to generate dialogues on artistic representations and interpretations of the urban landscape. The building blocks of a city comprise more than simply buildings, streets, and sidewalks. They equally encompass personal experience, collective memory and narratives. These are the less tangible, but no less integral elements that transform mere infrastructure into place. Through photography, painting, writing and video installations, artists open our eyes to these elements and heighten our awareness of what makes a place a place. g727 welcomes these artists to its space to help us all better understand the complex nature of cities and the urban condition.

About the Cultural Exchange International Grant:
Provided by the City of Los Angeles through the Department of Cultural Affairs, the goal of the program is to enhance Los Angeles as a national and international center, fostering cultural understanding through the expansion of networks an exchange of knowledge by creative professionals. Additionally, CEI seeks to reach out to audiences throughout the City’s rich and diverse communities engagingthem in the residency projects of international arts/cultural professionals and their host organizations.

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