Thursday, 9 July 2009


Wednesday July 8, 2009, 9:00 PM to 00:00 AM
White Cubicle Toilet Gallery
George and Dragon Public House, 2 Hackney Road, London E2

Karl Holmqvist Spoken Word Performance at 10:00 PM
Ribbon cutting by Ellen Cantor and Gregorio Magnani

OFF WITH THEIR 'EADS is one long revolutionary anti-royalist poem by artist Karl Holmqvist, written especially, and graffitied directly onto the walls of the White Cubicle gallery space. It oscillates between the confessional, the poetic and the purely speculative. Loosely based on writing found in Karl Holmqvist's new artist's book 'What's My Name?' published this summer by Bookworks, London and copies of which will also be available during the evening.

As Gregorio Magnani has pointed out: “KARL HOLMQVIST has long been interested in communication and subjective uses of language. Finding the process of making something as interesting as the results it produces, he has responded to different situations by making books, wallpapers, lamps, videos, objects, and spoken word performances. Distinguished by their non-spectacular almost casual format, his readings have a hypnotic quality that engenders a momentary shift of focus within the gallery going experience. The possibility of a community, suggested and investigated by Holmqvist’s tridimensional and written works, become fleetingly actual. Arching back to beat poetry, they layer moments of sound and concrete poetry with political and religious indictments, individual musings, art references, and cover versions of well-remembered pop songs.”

Mr. Holmqvist is a visual artist and a poet. He was born in Vasteras, Sweden in 1964, he now lives mostly in Berlin. He has been exhibiting and performing since the early 90s. Most recently at Gaga Arte Contemporaneo in Mexico City and in For Fans and Scholars Alike at Westlondonprojects. He is currently on view at The ICA's summer group show and in a One-Person show thru Aug 1 at Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch in Berlin.

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