Sunday 11 December 2011


Bubu Negron and Radames Juni Figueroa welcoming Pablo Leon de la Barra to San Juan International Airport, sign hand painted by Jose Lerma

a bienal that fits in a car, with Radames 'Juni' Figueroa, co-curator of the Bienal Tropical and Jose Lerma, production executive director of the Bienal Tropical

art works arriving to La Comay

Jesus 'Bubu' Negron with his mask works

Jesus 'Bubu' Negron, reproduction of folkloric coconut masks made by the artist following traditional production methods

Radames 'Juni ' Figueroa with the Bienal Poster

La Comai street sign

La Comai, Food Kiosk

La Comai, Bienal Tropical Poster

Radames Juni Figueroa, co-curator of the Bienal Tropical

Carolina Caycedo, exercises for female emancipation

Monica Rodriguez, poster for seed granade recipe

Diagrama Tropical, PLB

Karlo Andrei Ibarra, bananas tattooed with phrases related to the implementation of Free Treaties (TLC) between Caribbean and Central American countries with the USA, tattooed by Omar Velazquez

food at la Comay, arepa with conch meat, whisky and coconut water, rice with crab meat!

Michelle and friend installing Katalina Iturralde's Drama Tropical banner

Katalina Iturralde's Drama Tropical banner

Carolina Caycedo, Live Local Love, banner

Tropical Carl Andre, Carolina Caycedo banner, table with Golden Pineapple prizes

Anomymous, Tropical Carl Andre, free recreation with graffiti spray of the floor at La Loseta

Erika Verzutti, Tropical Family, 2011
(done by instructions)

Radames 'Juni' Figueroa, Rainbow

Jose Lerma and Radames 'Juni' Figueroa, somewhere under the rainbow

Naufus Figueroa, watermelon molotov bomb with transvetite underwear
(done by instructions)

Federico Herrero, painted round rock, painted by instructions

Jorge Rodriguez, Mangoneo poster, a hybrid between banana and mango and used in puerto rican slang to mean ____________ and popularised in Melvin Santiago's song el Mangoneo

Adriana Lara, Johnny La Gente Esta Muy Loca, banner on side of the road

fake Allora & Calzadilla palm fan

Jose Lerma, graffiti painting done over found doors and palms

Rafael Vargas, Tropical Drink

Stefan Benchoam, coconut pipe for smoking weed
(done by instructions)

Jesus 'Bubu' Negron, coconuts wearing copies of traditional folkloric masks made out of coconuts

Pablo Leon de la Barra, curator of the Bienal Tropical wearing the Cheverismo o Muerte cape, a collaboration between Carolina Caycedo, Beatriz Lopez and PLB

Alana Iturralde, utopic participatory sculpture

Yoyo Rodriguez, Duet of Palms, two microphones on two different palms, amplification of sound made by wind passing through palms, you can listen to the recording here

Hammock by Jesus Bubu Negron, 2004

Chemi Rosado, painting left 40 days under the influence of the jungle (recreation of original painting, now lost, and done in 14 hours!)

Michael Linares, Hombre Mata abstract paintings (Hombre Mata are solitary masturbators who harass woman in the beaches in this area)

Carla Acevedo editor of DaWire

Karlo Andrei Ibarra, political bananas hanging from tree

Guillerme Rodriguez, Bertopofagia, Bertoia Barbecue chair

El Gordito frozen beef Patties

Chaveli Cifre, wearable collars with drinking jugs

Chaveli Cifre, Boho-Hobo tent

Chemi Rosado, model for a floating skate bowl

Chemi Rosado's sunset sand sofa

Mima and Cesar Reyes

Chaveli Cifre, circle of fire

Marxz Rosado, construction of lamp on palm tree

Cesar Reyes and Radames Juni Figueroa

Piña Dorada (Palm Dior) prizes

Piña Dorada for best young artists, shared in four parts between Guillerme Rodriguez, Chaveli Sifra, Alana Iturralde and Yoyo

Jesus 'Bubu' Negron, standing on the Tropical Carl Andre. Bubu, winner of the Piña Dorada for the best art work of the biennale, and double price for attending all the exhibitions at La Loseta during the year

late arrival, Edgardo Larregui's guava seed cock

another last minute arrival, Marxz Rosado's  palm tree giant lamp

Chaveli Sifre lighting Carolina Caycedo's offering to Yemaja

Carolina Caycedo's offering to Yemaja

our new friend's from La Comai food kiosk

and Green Cubicle exhibition at Roberto Paradise's toilet gallery!

video of the Bienal Tropical by Alexis Ledesma

Gran Bienal Tropical poster by PLB

Saturday December 10, 2011 12-6 PM
Kiosko La Comai, Carretera 187, Km 13

A project by Pablo Leon de la Barra for La Loseta
participating artists:
Alana Iturralde, Bea Santiago, Bubu Negron, Carolina Caycedo, Chemi Rosado, Chaveli Cifre, Esteban Gabriel, Guillerme Rodriguez, Jorge Gonzalez, Jose Lerma, Juni Figueroa, Karlo Ibarra, Katalina Iturralde, Marxz Rosado, Michael Linares, Rafael Vargas, Yoyo Rodriguez, and friends...
with guest artists:
Adriana Lara, Beatriz Lopez, Erika Verzutti, Federico Herrero, Naufus Figueroa, Stefan Benchoam, Wilfredo Prieto

“The myth of “Tropicality’ is much more than parrots and banana trees: it is the consciousness of not being conditioned by established structures, hence highly revolutionary in its entirety. Any conformity, be it intellectual, social, or existential, is contrary to its principal idea.”
Hélio Oiticica, Tropicalia, March 4, 1968

The Jury of the Gran Bienal Tropical was conformed by:
Michy Marxuach, co-director and founder, Beta Local
Mima y Cesar Reyes, collectors
Gache Franco, art supporter, mother of art curator Marina Reyes Franco
Carla Acevedo, writer, critic, curator, editor of DaWire
Jose Lerma, artist

The Gran Bienal Tropical jury awarded the following Piña Dorada (Golde Pineapple) awards:

- The 1st price was given unanimously to Jesus 'Bubu' Negron, for his way of questioning puerto rican folklore and reincorporating it to contemporary life.

- The second price for best young artist was shared between:
Alana Iturralde for re-incorporating ideas of participation within the life of the aesthetic object
Guillerme Rodriguez for rethinking and re-using the inherited structures of tropical modernities;
Yoyo Rodriguez for amplifying the sound of the tropics in a poetic way;
and Chaveli Sifra for creating new forms of energy which revitalise and reinvent life in the tropics.

- The price for the best guest artist was given to Erika Verzutti, for rethinking the idea of constructing tropical sculptures

- A life time achievement award was given to La Comay, the place being an art work in itself, but also for the celebration of life, food and friendship that is made possible within the place.

A possible future Biennal Tropical might happen again in La Comay, but might also happen in the jungles of Tabasco or Palenque, near Tikal in Guatemala, somewhere in Costa Rica or Panama, in the island of Solentiname in Nicaragua, in the Peruvian Amazons of Iquitos or the Colombian Amazons of Leticia or the Brasilian Amazons or Manaos or somewhere in between, in Rio de Janeiro or in Salvador de Bahia, or in Cape Verde, Mumbai, Pondichery, Bangkok or Vietnam...

The Bienal Tropical was financed through the economy of friendship
with special thanks to Roberto 'Tito' Paradise for providing accommodation for the bienal.

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