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Inti Guerrero, new artistic director of Teoretica

Fundación Ars TEOR/éTica is pleased to announce that it has appointed Inti Guerrero as its new Associate Artistic Director and Eduardo Faith as its new Executive Director.

It is with great pleasure that Fundación Ars TEOR/éTica welcomes them and wishes them great success at the forefront of the institution. These appointments conclude the restructuring process begun last September, while they also initiate a new stage in TEOR/éTica's history after the passing away of its founder Virginia Perez-Ratton in 2010.


Inti Guerrero
Associate Artistic Director and Curator
"The introduction of Colombian curator Inti Guerrero in TEOR/éTica heralds a new perspective for the institution, giving continuation to the legacy of founder Virginia Perez-Ratton. With an extremely open spirit, Guerrero's curatorships articulate historical and contemporary questions, through transversal paths including art, visual culture, and contemporary behaviors. With a lighthearted spirit, Guerrero, nonetheless does not dismiss a rigorous theoretical approach. He knows how to bring together experimental risk and qualitative discernment, two characteristics for working with art. In addition, his preoccupations recognize the multiplicity of cultures in the global world, the procecess of exchange, and the necessity to expand the acknowledgement of the production standing on the margins of hegemonic systems. Mr. Guerrero will know how to guide TEOR/éTica to face the new challenges in art, maintaining a dialogue with the context of San Jose and with artists from Central America, whose role in the international scene must not be delayed" - Paulo Herkenhoff, Founding member of TEOR/éTica

Inti Guerrero (Colombia, 1983) has worked as an independent curator and art critic in Latin America and Europe. His most recent curatorial projects include: Man Up!, Tate Film, Tate modern, London; A cidade do homem nu, Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo; Flying Down to Earth, MARCO, Vigo and FRAC Lorraine, Metz; and Duet for Cannibals, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, 2010. He co-curated the exhibitions: Eppur si muove, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, 2009 and Yo no soy esa…, Galeria Santa Fe, Bogota, 2005. His texts have been published in Art Nexus, Ramona, Afterall, metropolis M and Manifesta Journal.

Guerrero Studied History and Theory of Art and Architecture at Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia and Universidade de Sao Paulo in Brazil, and fulfilled the Curatorial Program of De Appel in the Netherlands. Currently he is a member of the Advisory Committee of Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation.

"I feel honored to be part of TEOR/éTica's new team. I'm excited to share my international experience in order to rethink its role within the local, regional and global sceneries. The inspiring work of Virginia Perez-Ratton positioned TEOR/éTica as a critical platform with a high relevance for contemporary art 'produced in' and 'thought from within' a region as diverse as Central America and the Caribbean. The current ecology of the art field in this region has created a different context to which TEOR/éTica must now respond, in order to rethink itself as an institution that forms part of a new and expanded cartography" - Inti Guerrero

As Associate Artistic Director and Curator, Mr. Guerrero whom is currently based in Hong Kong, will work from San José during intensive periods throughout the year. Abroad he'll strengthen the institution's relationships and collaborations with diverse platforms and international networks.


Eduardo Faith
Executive Director
"Eduardo Faith's professional trajectory has been fruitful, both in initiatives and in achievements. Many are the public and private institutions that have benefited from his talent and have been able to take advantage of his efficiency and his systematic and organized work ethic. Without a doubt, his incorporation to TEOR/éTica as executive Director is promising. For this reason, this appointment brings great joy to those of us who have been committed to continuing and enriching the Foundation's work. I am sure that I speak on behalf of all members of the administrative board when I welcome him with an enthusiastic feeling" - Manuel Picado, member of TEOR/éTica's Board of directors

Eduardo Faith (Costa Rica, 1956) is a person with a renowned trajectory in the Costarican and Central American cultural scene. In San Jose, he has been the director of Museo Banco Central, Museo de Arte Costaricense, and Museo Nacional. Moreover, through his consulting company Mondrian S.A. he has carried out multiple museological projects in Central America, amongst them The children's Museum and INBioparque (San Jose), Museo de Arte de El Salvador-MARTE (San Salvador), the installment of previous Arte Paiz Biennials (Guatemala City) and the traveling exhibition 60 Obras de Arte Costaricense, shown at several museums of the region.

He studied Architecture at Universidad de Costa Rica. Later on he specialized in Museology at the University of Florence in Italy as well as in La Sorbone and the École du Louvre in Paris, France.

"Twelve years of development have made TEOR/éTica a central axis for the contemporary artistic movement of the Central American region. Likewise, its international projection makes the institution a mandatory point of reference. Based on the work of Virginia Perez-Ratton we now aim to take TEOR/éTica into a new stage of further consolidation and growth, without losing sight of the mystic and spirit that gave rise to it" - Eduardo Faith


About TEOR/éTica
Located in San José, Costa Rica, TEOR/éTica is a non-profit, independent, private project dedicated to the investigation and promotion of contemporary art practices from Central America and the Caribbean. TEOR/éTica’s endeavors can be grouped into four major categories: exhibition production, at both national and international levels; the promotion, documentation and support of regional artists; a strong editorial project (40 bilingual publications); and the organization of conferences and symposia. Throughout its existence, TEOR/éTica has created an international cultural network and has gained recognition for generating new ways of thought. Virginia Pérez-Ratton (1950–2010), a Costa Rican curator and investigator, founded the project in 1999. After a brief hiatus, TEOR/éTica will resume its activities in February 2012.

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