Thursday, 27 August 2009


Subvision's main hall

artists having dinner

Subvision festival curator Brigitte Kölle

view of Subvision container city!

Galleria Huuto Helsinki (to the left) and N55's geodesic moving structure (urban free habitat system) in the background

FAIT and Umschichten's swimming pool and champagne bar

sitting room with new housing developments for those that can afford it in background!

viewing tower

artist painting her body!

blocked container

Vancouver's Artspeak archeological investigations into the site

Hamburg's Baltic Raw Org's pavillion

The Hex's Library

Guestroom's 'Ways of Living' exhibition

i-cabin's hammock

i-cabin's structure

Publish and be Damned bureau

Ludovica Gioscia's screen at Publish and be Damned

Publish and be Damned working table

Publish and be Damned photocopy machine

Publish and be Damned bibliotheque

Publish and be Damned production of Subvision fashion issue

production of Pablo Magazine special issue

Pablo Magazine special issue: unauthorized edition of 'The Geopolitics of Pimping' by Suely Rolnik. Text can be read at

Pablo Leon de la Barra and Kit Hammonds with their African caftans

Pablo Leon de la Barra doing a reading of 'Geopolitics of Pimping' to deaf ears

Maria Benjamin and Ruth Hoflich from the Guestroom with Kit Hammonds celebrating the reading

Richard Healy's fireworks for i-cabin!


Artists' initiatives from around the world testing new exhibition and mediation formats have been invited to the subvision festival from 08/26 to 09/06/2009 to present their artistic work as well as their very own strategies of presenting and mediating art. 31 artists' groups, independent project spaces, artists' archives, and research projects from 19 countries that are developing outside established institutions and disregarding commercial viability will create an exciting and variegated presentation forum with exhibitions, artists' talks, performances, concerts, readings, and video screenings. A temporary exhibition architecture consisting of shipping containers and scaffolding form an extraordinary frame for an unconventional endeavour. The design of the yet undeveloped "prime cut" of the HafenCity is oriented towards urban planning models, citing them not without irony.

98 weeks research project, Beirut (LB), Artspeak, Vancouver (CA), BALTIC RAW ORG, Hamburg (DE), Barbur, Jerusalem (IL) + Darom, Tel Aviv (IL), Bell Street Project Space, Vienna (AU), CAA/CAA (Contemporary Art Archive/Center for Art Analysis), Bucharest (RO), Chto delat/ What is to be done?, St. Petersburg (RU), De Service Garage + Parachutartists Foundation, Amsterdam (NL) , D.I.V.O Institute, Kolin (CZ), Estación, Tijuana, Tijuana (MX), F.A.I.T. (Foundation Artists – Innovation – Theory), Krakow (PL) in collaboration with umschichten, Stuttgart (DE), Galleria Huuto, Helsinki (FI), Graffiti Research Lab Vienna (vs. Memory9), London (UK), Guestroom, London (UK), Gugulective, Cape Town (ZA), i-cabin, London (UK), Kling & Bang gallery, Reykjavik (IS), Komplot, Brussels (BE), Konsortium, Düsseldorf (DE), Kunst-Imbiss, Hamburg (DE), Mahony, Vienna (AT), N55, Copenhagen (DK), noroomgallery, Hamburg (DE), Para/Site Art Space, Hongkong (CN), Publish and be Damned, London (UK), Sparwasser HQ, Offensive für zeitgenössische Kunst und Kommunikation, Berlin (DE), The Hex, London (UK) in collaboration with Trottoir, Hamburg (DE), The Suburban, Oak Park (US)

Curator: Brigitte Kölle
Artistic director: Martin Köttering

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