Wednesday, 2 September 2009


By Aleksandra Mir for the Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2009

Commissioner: Kate Gray
Concept and Illustration: Aleksandra Mir

Contributing Local Editors:
Adriana Lara, Mexico City, Mexico; Agustina Ferreyra, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Alyse Emdur, Los Angeles, USA; Daniela Lo Re and Grabriella Ciancimino, Palermo, Italy; Jorge Bravo and Chiara Bombardi, Barcelona, Spain; Katharina Fengler, Zürich, Switzerland; Mary Knights, Adelaide, Australia; David Waddington and Pablo León de la Barra, London, UK; Victoria Roth and Mareike Dittmer, Berlin, Germany; The Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

Text Edit: Ellie Ga, Mark Baker
Proofreading: Rosalie Doubal
Design: Nick Stone
Print: Thomson Colour Printers
Distribution: Revolver
Web Site: Benjamin Fallon
Printed in Scotland

While the typical cookbook format gives you a recipe for obvious success it does not take into account the many ways in which its execution can fail due to the cook's lack of experience. Based on Aleksandra's personal history of cooking disasters, the project invites 1000 people from all around the world to give their advice of how NOT to cook. With this volume, any reader will be more than well equipped to avoid making the same mistakes in their kitchen.

Aleksandra is interested in how we are taught or teach ourselves through trial and error. By making our guilty failures public we may even be creating an original and subversive form of art, rather than simply be aspiring to obvious and repetitive results.

—Kate Gray, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

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