Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Julie Verhoeven and
Steven van Grinsven

Rob Diament from Temposhark cutting the ribbon

Saska 'Sasha' Bezovski from the House of Kokon Zozai , Liliana Sanguino from the House of George, and Robin Schulie from the House of Maria Luisa

artist Mark Aerial Waller and curator Jennifer Teets

master of the House of George: Richardette!

The White Cubicle Toilet Gallery is pleased to invite you to its London Fashion Week Special!

‘Rubber Necking'
Sunday, September 20, 2009
8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
White Cubicle Toilet Gallery
George and Dragon Public House, 2 Hackney Road, London E2

Dedicated to Maria Luisa Poumaillou from Maria Luisa boutique Paris, who could not enter the UK because she is a Venezuelan national!

With the kind support of ABSOLUT VODKA

“Really looking forward to getting cracking on the White Cubicle. Initial thoughts... the title being, 'Rubber Necking'. Please refer to the ever alarming Urban Dictionary (www.urbandictionary.com) - neck, rubber, driving, penetration, back, french letters. I have a real soft spot for toilets and believe they should indeed be celebrated and enhanced. A sanctuary for repose, relief and filth. I am intending to crudely 're-tile' the walls with painted canvas panels. Sort of wonky patchwork style with curious forms of grouting. Stacked toilet roll building blocks might indeed feature, adding a degree of comfort and nonsense.”
Julie Verhoeven

“The infusion of comic elements into her drawings seems to hail from deeper than poking some fun at her own practice or drawings however. Humour eases the pain; it alleviates the melodrama that so often takes centre stage in life; one who ventures beyond the craft of Verhoevenʼs drawings finds a world where things are slightly less rosy. In her large-scale drawings we find a glut of female characters vying for our eye’s attention. Whilst being beautifully rendered these characters seem to be trapped within their own cosmos, a temporary hold where the experience of modern womanhood is dictated by thwarted sexuality, bitter ambition and a dangerous mix of obsession and excess. If we now return to the surreal comic elements with whom these personae share the page, Verhoeven seems to indicate a sense of innocence neither lost nor forgotten and the need to safeguard and nurture the child within, her drawings a bid for re-conciliation between nature and nurture.”
Steven van Grinsven, ZingerPresentsGallery, 2009.

Julie Verhoeven (Sevenoaks, Kent, 1969, lives and works in London) is an artist, illustrator and fashion designer. Julie Verhoeven has worked in numerous ways across fashion and design, from illustration to creative direction and design consultancy. She studied fashion at Medway College (now UCA Rochester), graduating in 1987, and began her career as first design assistant to John Galliano, continuing this role with Martine Sitbon in Paris. She went on to head Italian brand Gibo. She has collaborated on fashion projects on international fashion brands including Louis Vuitton and Mulberry. Verhoeven contributes regularly to publications including Dazed and Confused and Self Service. Verhoeven's love of drawing is always at the heart of all the work she undertakes. Since 2002 she has exhibited extensively, including an amazing site specific installation in Economist Building Plaza in St. James, London. She is currently exhibiting ‘Feathers up my Ass’ at Zingerpresents, Amsterdam; and is working towards the following forthcoming exhibitions; ‘Man enough to be a Woman’, Mu, Eindhoven; ‘House of Cards’, Haunch of Venison, London; ‘ShowStudio’, Somerset House, London; ‘Purpling’, Gimpel Fils, London. Verhoeven continues to collaborate onvarious fashion-related projects for, amongst others, Versace, H & M & ASOS. Two books have been published of Verhoven's work: 'Fat-Bottomed Girls' and 'Gas Book 13'. She is also a tutor on MA Fashion at Central Saint Martins and Royal College of Art.

THE WHITE CUBICLE TOILET GALLERY measures 1.40 by 1.40 metres, it is located within the Ladies Toilet of the George and Dragon, and works with no budget, staff or boundaries. White Cubicle presents a discerning programme of local and international manifestations as an antidote to London’s sometimes extremely commercial art scene. Past exhibitions have included the work of Deborah Castillo, Gregorio Magnani, Butt Magazine, Federico Herrero, Terence Koh, i-Cabin, Steven Gontarski, Pixis Fanzine/Princess Julia and Hanah, General Idea and avaf, Basso Magazin, Carl Hopgood, Giles Round, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Superm, (Brian Kenny and Slava Mogutin), Elkin Calderon, Wolfgang Tillmans, Calvin Holbrook/Hate Magazine, Husam el Odeh, Simon Popper, Fur, Dik Fagazine, Rick Castro/Abravanation, Jean Michel Wicker, Noki, Ellen Cantor, Karl Holmqvist...

Next exhibition: Esther Planas and Aldo Chaparro, October 12

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