Friday, 19 February 2010


Filipa Oliveira + Miguel Amado, conversations programme

Virginia Torrente, artistic director of Just Madrid, artist Marlon de Azambuja, and Filipa Oliveira

Adrian from Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich

Pilot, London

Catalina Lozano from Gasworks, London

some images of 'Sin Lluvia' by Julia Rometti and Victor Costales, postcards of cities and places in the American Continent

Curator's Desks
Just Madrid

With a view to earning greater international visibility for the fair, Just Madrid will also be inviting independent curatorial bodies from around the world, collectives and individuals who are working to further the repercussion and diffusion of artists’ work, asking them to present various curated programmes over the four days of the event. These presentations will take place at their booths, at other spaces at the fair venue or even outside the actual fair itself, but the main thing is that they are developed with the public in mind and to tie in with the galleries and artists at the fair.

Cabaret Voltaire: is the birthplace of Dada. Today it deals with two aspects of this heritage: Dadalogy and post-Dada. While Dadalogy questions the significance of Dada today and, together with international contemporary artists, dedicates itself to issues in the history of Dada, post-Dada poses questions in a local context as to what Dadaists would do today.
Capacete’s activities are part of a long term interdisciplinary presence in Rio de Janeiro, which aims to research and document aesthetic, social and political processes in Brazil. The historic, urban, topographic, environmental and social context of Rio de Janeiro is an important laboratory that (re)actualizes Brazilian complexities.
Gasworks International Residency Programme provides non UK based artists with the opportunity to live and work in London for a period of three months. The programme aims to encourage international contacts and to facilitate exchanges of ideas through practice. The non-prescriptive, process-based nature of the residencies allows visiting artists to develop projects in response to their new context, or to conduct research benefiting from London’s resources. To date Gasworks has hosted over 170 artists from 50 countries world wide.
Filipa Oliveira + Miguel Amado is a Lisbon-based curatorial team founded in 2004. They have organized exhibition series and projects in Portugal and abroad. Recently, they curated “Impossible Exchange”, commissioned for Frieze Projects, at the 2009 edition of Frieze Art Fair in London.
Pablo León de la Barra is a cultural producer. Born in Mexico City, he has developed a body of work which makes of him an example of the artist as cultural interventionist. Fusing his creations with his interventions as a curator or editor of Pablo International Magazine and The Centre for Aesthetic Revolution, he has become a bridge between different cultural contexts, especially those of Latin America and Europe.
PILOT: is a curatorial project conceived as a platform for unrepresented artists to give them international visibility. PILOT operates on a principle where each artist is nominated by a curator, artist or writer on the condition they had no commercial representation at the time of nomination. PILOT has had three editions so far and has built an archive of nearly 300 artists. PILOT has travelled the project to places like the Venice biennale 2007 and Tokyo, and also publishes a series of books on timely critical questions.
La Plataforma Curatorial was born out of two national curators’ meetings which took place in Spain during 2009. Related generationally, their main goal is to incentivate the creation of networks between contemporary art professionals. They also aim at raising some core questions defining the curatorial praxis.

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